Sequestration at a Fundraising Gimmick? Whose Bad Idea Was That?


Money02-bw-crop-sm72-300x217by Pamela Powers Hannley

First, it was Kirsten Sinema on Facebook.

Then, Ann Kirkpatrick on e-mail.

And now, Ron Barber on e-mail.

All three of these Congressional Democrats used the sequestration battle to put out their hands and ask voters for campaign contributions.

I understand that these three are probably not the only misguided Congressional representatives to try this lame fundraising tactic. And I realize that with our flawed election system based upon cash Congressional representatives have to start raising money as soon as they get into office. BUT, using a fiscal crises that will cost Arizona tens of thousands of jobs– when you personally have dong nothing to stop it– is ludicrious and insulting to the voters. 

The only Southern Arizona Congressman who didn't send me a sequestration fundraising appeal was Raul Grijalva. Ironically, he was the only Arizona Congressman who was in the thick of the sequestration battle along with Congressman Keith Ellison. They are co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which proposed the Budget for All and offered sane alternatives to sequestration. Video after the jump.