Shameless self promotion

by David Safier
I'm linking to a column I wrote in this week's Explorer, not because I'm especially proud of it — I tried to say too much in the space allotted, so it's a bit clunky (I love the "Don't fence me in" ethos of blog space!) — but because it lays out my sense about where the tea partiers and public forum shouters (often the same people) are coming from.

We had a lively debate about this question in the comments section of my post, Health care rope-a-dope? Nick Dranias of the Goldwater Institute chimed in, and the fun began. So consider my column a continuation of that discussion. I'm not vain enough to quote myself in this post — that would be a bit like a very bizarre scene in the film, Being John Malkovich — so you'll have to follow the link if you want to read it.

2 responses to “Shameless self promotion

  1. I think a better summation would be: “We want our money back”. That’s the gists of the protests I’ve seen.

    Should I remind you what tax percentage caused the colonists to revolt? How do you think those original Americans would feel about the America of today?

  2. I ran into this post right after reading this one:
    I think there’s a useful connection.