Shoulda seen this one coming

by David Safier
If a dozen of us sat around a room when Brewer became governor and thought about things she was sure to do, one would have been to reverse Napolitano's decision to refuse abstinence education funding. Sure enough . . .

The Arizona Department of Health Services announced it has applied for a $1 million grant for abstinence until marriage programs. Current funding for such programs is set to run out in June 2009, the department said.

State abstinence education providers will supply the required matching funds, the group added.

In January, 2008, Napolitano made us the 16th state to refuse abstinence-only money from the feds, because it was abstinence only. The approach doesn't work, so it's against the best interests of the students. But this is Arizona, the land that time forgot. We're riding into the future looking in the rear view mirror.

NOTE: OK, I'm a little confused here. The quote above says, "Current funding for such programs is set to run out in June 2009." Today's press release from the Arizona Department of Health Services says the same thing: "Current funding for the program which provides information for children across the state is set to run out of money in June." But a Republic article dated January 26, 2008, says, "In a letter to the federal government, the governor [Napolitano] turned down about $1 million in federal funding for abstinence-only education next year, saying the program that requires a state match of more than $750,000 has been proved not to work."

Did she turn down the money or accept it? Anybody know more about this than I do?


Arizona health officials said Friday that they plan to seek more than $1 million in federal grant money for abstinence-only education in schools – a reversal from one year ago when then-Gov. Janet Napolitano rejected the funds, saying such programs don't work.

I'm afraid I'll have to Just Say No to figuring this one out.

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  1. Why is our state so stupid?…and why can’t our citizens see what is going on? They need a wake up call.

  2. Also, the I think th money requires a partial match…I believe it is 75% but I’m not sure. This is the same group that is considering turning down money for unemployment and requires much less from the state.

  3. waste of money. like the “just say no” campaign.

  4. Francine, we should start “Grandmothers for Sex Education”. I’m not kidding.

  5. Francine Shacter

    Teaching abstinence to sexually active people is much like trying to make water flow uphill. Let’s be real and understand that scientifically accurate information should be the basis for sex education. This is a serious matter – let’s treat it honestly and seriously!