Have a business and don’t know how to advertise  your product or service via Facebook or Twitter? Or just need some additional helpful tips? Help is on the way:

What does your business or nonprofit need help with? Social Media Librarian Lisa Bunker will help you navigate the ins and outs of social media for customer service, awareness, and publicity.


CatalystCafeLogo-squareThis free social media help is part of a Catalyst Cafe event held every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 5:30 to 7 pm. at the Joel D. Valdez Main Library downtown, 101 N. Stone Ave.  They say they are “A café for nonprofits, small business, and smart ideas in Tucson, Arizona”, where “Tech Meets Tucson.”


The next  Social Media help workshop is on  June 10 in either the lower level meeting room (LL1) or upstairs in the 4th floor boardroom. Check with the reference desk when you arrive at the library, via foot, bike, Sun Tran bus, or car.  Parking is free on the street after 5 p.m. all around the library plaza.  Some food & drink provided as well.

Coming up on July 8th, grantwriting for businesses & nonprofits in LL1.

More info at their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/CatalystCafeTalks

They also have a blogspot site: http://tucsontalks.blogspot.com/

Carolyn’s note:  I’ve attended a few of these workshops over the past year, and found them helpful and insightful on promotion and getting the news out about events of interest in Tucson.