“Sonoran Shadows” shadow play on Oct. 14 & 15




October 14-15, 2016
By Milta Ortiz
Excerpted and adapted from Patricia Preciado Martin’s El Milagro and Other Stories
Art Direction by Cristina Cardenas
Directed by Marc David Pinate

“Los buquis (kids) from the ol’ neighborhood have front row seats to Nana’s Sunday Matador ritual, a girl who always wanted to be a dancer, a flash flood in all its glory, and other local folktales come to life through the magic of shadow puppetry. Experience, reminisce and celebrate the richness of Tucson’s Sonoran heritage.

Sonoran Shadows is a captivating shadow play based on Patricia Preciado Martin’s short stories and local folktales. This ritual of remembrance takes its form from the ancient Balinese shadow tradition still active today. Activities begin at sundown with a blessing by Aztec dancers, Xochilpilli Centeotl, followed by a brief pre-show discussion with author Patricia Preciado Martin. Also featuring two shadow plays by students from Borderlands Theater’s shadow theatre workshop in collaboration with Tucson High Drama Department. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, and snacks to this never before seen spectacle! Please help spread the word!”

Performance Schedule and Ticket Information:

Based Event ($10 Suggested Donation)

No one Turned Away for Lack of Funds – Pay What You Can

Friday, October 14th, 2016

sundown (6pm)

@ Armory Park Band Shell – 221 S. 6th Avenue

Saturday, October 15th, 20163

sundown (6pm)

@ Oury Center – 600 W. St. Mary’s Road 

from www.borderlandstheater.org



  1. Following the opening blessings/dances by the Aztec dancers (Nawa people), Author Patricia Preciado Martin spoke of the nostalgic nights in El Pueblo, with Noche Tucsonese musica. She hoped her stories would make people “laugh and cry.” Director Marc David Pinate spoke as well, about creating these shadow puppet plays to “not lose the memories of the barrios”. The first play was Toreadora about village life, chicken coops, a bull fight; 2nd play about a baby Alfredo who fell into an irrigation canal but was rescued by a 7 foot gentle giant; 3rd story about a girl who wanted to be a ballerina, then a ballet folklorico dancer (with red shoes). Following the intermission, two more plays were presented, a ghost story called the Hitchhiker about a young woman killed by a hit/run driver, then reappears later to borrow a young man’s jacket;and last story is entitled Creciente of a Salazar family reunion, with a flash flood. Live waila music provided by Gertie Lopez and the T.O. Boyz. Wonderful intricate (and creative) puppet creations & performances under an almost full moon in Armory Park. Large audience tonight enjoyed the show. Don’t miss 2nd show tomorrow night, sunset.

  2. Carolyn,
    Your post yesterday about Matt Heinz appearance at DGT seems to have disappeared from the site. The Heinz – McSally race now appears to be in play with the events of the weekend.

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