Soothing Shakuhachi flute concert on April 30

Shakuhachi 2014 Poster

“Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos will be returning to Tucson, Arizona in the spring and will be giving a concert of traditional solo pieces and original compositions for the shakuhachi at the Yume Japanese Gardens on Wednesday, April 30. Come listen to the heart/soul-moving sounds of the Shakuhachi bamboo flute of Japan.

Special guest musician will be the wonderful pianist and composer, Bruce Stoller”.

$15 members
$17 non-members
$20 at the door

Yume Japanese Gardens is at 2130 N. Alveron Way south of Grant Rd.. You can purchase tickets online at Phone # 520-332-2928.

Alcvin was born in Japan to Filipino parents, attended school in the  United States, and now lives in the rainforests of BC, Canada. He is Canada’s leading teacher of the shakuhachi who  practices the traditional ways but enjoys exploring sonic worlds of other traditions and beyond. In November of 2008, Alcvin received an honourary Dai Shihan license along with a new name, “Ryuzen” (Dragon Meditation) from another one of Japan’s most virtuosic players and teachers, Yoshinobu Taniguchi.

More about Ramos at his website:

2 responses to “Soothing Shakuhachi flute concert on April 30

  1. What a treat to hear Alcvin play several different lengths of shakuhachi bamboo flutes, then one song accompanied by pianist Bruce Stoller. The soothing sounds blended well with the gurgling of the water in the koi pond, lending a mystical feeling of old Japan. As a finale Alcvin asked special guest R. Carlos Nakai (Native American nose flute player) in the audience to join him, so Carlos sang a native song accompanied by Alcvinon flute. Then Bruce played an agave shakuhachi flute he made, along with Alcvin. Hopefully this concert will repeat again next year. About 40 people were in attendance.

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