Since this is an unprecedented year (with the COVID-19 pandemic) and lots of people predict close races, I will not be reporting on the Southern Arizona General Election results in detail, with vote tallies. Depending on the situation on November 3rd, I may just list who’s leading (at the moment), in the Democratic attempt to turn Arizona bluer (than purple).

Website to check for statewide results – Arizona Secretary of State:


That’s the website to check on US Senate race between appointed Senator Martha McSally (R) vs. retired astronaut Captain Mark Kelly (D), husband of then-CD 8 Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  Also check for House races in CD 1, CD 2, CD 3 in Southern Arizona, held by incumbent Democrats Tom O’Halleran, Ann Kirkpatrick, Raul Grijalva.

Mark Kelly leading in the US Senate race, and Democrat Congressional incumbents in CD 1, 2,3.

Don’t forget that 3 Democrats are trying to win seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, with 3 openings, but only one incumbent Republican running.  The present ACC has 4 Republicans, 1 Democrat on it.

Only Democrat Anna Tovar in ACC race leading at this point followed by Republicans Lea Marquez Petersen and James O’Connor, but not all the ballots are counted.

For local Pima County races:

For Arizona legislative races in LD 2, LD 9, LD 10, LD 11, it’s best to check the Arizona SOS site, but for Pima County contested races, go there to their Elections page.  Uncontested races:  Pima County Attorney (Laura Conover), School Superintendent (Dustin Williams), both Democrats. Contested races for Pima County Assessor, Recorder, Sheriff (rematch between Sheriff Mark Napier (R) and former appointed Sheriff Chris Nanos (D), and Treasurer.

All Dems leading in Pima County races tonight, could be clean sweep. Republican Incumbents Napier and Ford may be unseated.

For the Pima County Board of Supervisors, pay attention to the hotly contested race in District 1 for the open seat (Rex Scott, Democrat vs. Steve Spain, Republican).  There is only a 2910 Republican vote registration edge in that District over the Dems, with the Republican incumbent stepping down.

Dems leading as well in four Bd. of Supervisors races, but Republican Steve Christy leading in District 4. Democrat Rex Scott appears to have won in District 1.

Lastly, check out results for Proposition 207(recreational marijuana), 208 (Invest in ed), 481 (Pima Community College), and don’t forget to scroll down for the Pima Community College District 1 race, and for the 3 open seats on the TUSD Governing Board.

Cat Ripley leading Ethan Orr in PCC Bd. race, and Natalie Luna Rose, Sadie Shaw & Ravi Grivois-Shah leading in TUSD race, but stay tuned for counting of provisional ballots this week for final tally.

Prop 207 and 208 leading to pass, statewide so far.

Let’s hope for the best in Arizona. We Democrats certainly need good news in this time of COVID-19. I’ll update this post as needed.