Special Election on Prop. 101 results

Polls closed at 7 p.m. today and here are the unofficial results on the special election of a “proposed amendment to the Tucson City Charter referred by Mayor & Council, authorizing a temporary half cent (0.5%) sales tax to fund street & public safety improvements”.

Yes  41,260

No  25,413

Voter turnout was 26.21%.

254,539 ballots were mailed by City of Tucson, and as of 5/16/17 – these many were returned: 66,748 by mail (about 26%). This election was conducted primarily by mail-in ballots, with only 7 polling locations to drop off your ballot, or receive a provisional ballot in case something happened to your ballot.

City of Tucson Elections: Unofficial results by six wards here: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/files/clerks/May_16_Unofficial_Results.pdf

7 thoughts on “Special Election on Prop. 101 results”

  1. So Tucson holds an election in an off-month and only 26% of the voters vote. And Dems accuse Republicans of voter supression.

    • Republican Party and Green Party were against this proposition for increased sales taxes, and the Democratic Party was for it.

    • Every single registered voter in Tucson was mailed a ballot and given the opportunity to vote by simply mailing it back. Couldn’t have made it any easier on them. They didn’t even have to leave their homes.

      • 254,539 ballots were mailed by City of Tucson, and 26% choose to mail them back. I dropped by the Donna R. Liggins Rec Center on Tues. morning and very few people were voting in person.

    • If people can’t be bothered to fill out a single bubble on a piece of paper, sign the ballot envelope, and send it in the post, that’s on them.

      There’s a difference between ‘let’s make more unnecessary hoops to jump through in order to exercise the right to vote’ and ‘a lot of people are too lazy to get off their butts to do so.’

      (And for the record, I voted no. I don’t trust City Hall any more than I trust the Legislature to hold anyone’s best interest at heart beyond their donors and the big business interests.)

      • Edward, only 26.21% of the registered voters bothered to return their ballots. I didn’t think you would vote yes, since you belong to the Green Party. I thought this special election would be a lot closer in the votes, because I thought people disliked increases in sales taxes.

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