Special Election results for Prop. 412/TEP franchise agreement

City of Tucson Elections Dept. has posted the special election results for today, May 16 on Prop. 412 re: TEP franchise agreement and surcharges:


Yes   28,084    45%

No   34,612       55%

So this proposition has been defeated, unless there are a large # of provisional ballots yet to be counted, which may have been dropped off today.

Voter turnout was 21.69%.

6 thoughts on “Special Election results for Prop. 412/TEP franchise agreement”

  1. I am happy to hear that it has been defeated. I want Tucson to replace TEP with a community-owned and operated electric power cooperative that will be far more motivated to convert to solar and wind energy as soon as possible, while providing more alternative energy jobs, and costing us far less in the long run.

  2. This is great news. There were so many views and logical arguments against this proposition that were expressed by so many people. Thanks to many, from Michael Bryan, to Ojas Sanghi, to Steve Kozachik, Judith Anderson and so many more.

    • Yes, Russell, there were so many climate activist guest opinions against Prop 412 in the AZ Daily Star. I counted 14, with only 5 for Prop 412. Not surprising it went down.

    • Not surprising outcome considering the # of guest opinions in the Az Daily Star against it. I counted 14, including Ward 6 Councilman Steve K and Ward 1 Council candidate Miguel Ortega, plus numerous letters from voters. And only 5 guest opinions in favor.

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