Special forces veteran David Lucier has served in three wars: Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

But those conflicts may not have long-term implications for the country when compared to the battle Mr. Lucier is waging now: to help save American Democracy by defeating the Trumpist and Alt-Right-White Nationalist- probable January 6 collaborator Paul Gosar in the new Arizona Congressional District (CD) Nine.


Believing “evil will prevail when good people do nothing,” Lucier, a Tempe resident, is hoping to defeat the fringe Republican through a write-in campaign based on the themes of:

  • Protecting Democracy, preserving civil rights like the rights to choose, privacy, and to vote
  • Improving education and workforce development.
  • Providing health and wellness.
  • Safeguarding the water supply.

Mr. Lucier graciously took the time to respond to questions about his candidacy.

The questions and answers are below.

  • Please tell the readers two reasons you would like to become the next House Representative for Arizona House District Nine.

“Well, my name is David Lucier I’m an American veteran and have served in combat in three wars. I believe in the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

Paul Gosar, I believe, is anti-American and an anti-American candidate. I cannot stand by and watch Gosar destroy our democracy, for which so many people have fought and died. I’m running to serve the people in the district.

Evil will prevail when good people do nothing.”

  • Please tell the readers, what are at least two qualifications you have to serve in the House of Representatives?

“Well, first of all, like my opponent, I come from a large family. I’m the second of 11 siblings, but unlike my opponent, my siblings actually like me, and they love me. You look to see how someone treats their family and friends, and that gives you some great insight into how they’re going to represent their constituents and interact with their colleagues: love and respect, and together with a creative imagination, a willingness to listen, um, and a strong sense of persistence.

I feel I will give the voters what they deserve, and that’s a fully engaged representative.”

  • In your opinion, what are the three most important issues facing Arizonans and the American people? Please explain.

“Well, let’s start with the three circles of success. That includes education, training jobs, economic opportunities, and health and wellness. If you have all of these throughout your life, you will be successful. You will be successful no matter how you define or what you do throughout your lifetime. These are the issues that directly impact everyone’s life. Regardless of your age, race, gender or orientation, or religious perspective.

Let’s face it. You’re not going to be very successful if you don’t have an adequate supply or access to clean water. It’s a health and wellness issue. And that’s just one example. Hundreds of other issues include immigration, gun safety, women’s healthcare, and voting rights. The list goes on.”

  • Please explain your views on border security and immigration.

“Well, my view is that our border security and immigration systems are broken. It’s a 19th-century system trying to address 21st-century issues. Add to that where Paul Gosar doesn’t really want to solve this problem because it raises a boatload of money for his campaign chest. It also keeps his base in constant fear and upset anger so that they’ll continue to vote for him. I propose we address this issue with the reality of today’s demands, labor innovation technology, but mostly with just human compassion.”

  • Please explain your views on funding the police and law enforcement reform.

“Well, I’d like to frame this particular issue into the larger context that is criminal justice reform, of which the police are obviously a large element in that conversation. We must take a comprehensive look at the system, which perpetuates a false GOP mantra.

On law and order, we have to follow the science and the data from social inequities to mass incarceration and our culture of violence.”

  • Is there anything not covering the first five questions you like the readers to know about you or your candidacy? Please explain.

I’m a veteran of three wars. I fought back with not just words but with actions and support with actions to support and defend the Constitution in the United States. I’m an honored member of the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. I will continue to support and defend the Constitution.

My opponent has continually violated his oath. He behaves in an anti-American seditious manner. He’s been thrown off all his committees, and he’s just not worthy to represent the voters of CD Nine. I have a lifelong history of bringing successful initiatives to fruition, initiatives that have had a big, positive impact on people’s lives. And I’ll just give you one quick example, Veterans courts. It has put our veterans back on track. It’s allowed them to become contributing members of our society and our communities. And they bring our fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers back into loving families at reduced costs, reduced incarceration rates, and almost zero recidivism. So, uh, my name is David Lucier. I’m the write-in candidate for CD Nine, and I’d be honored to have your support now for the House of Representatives. Thank you.”

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