‘SPINtervention’: Frame yourself or get framed

Drinking Liberally

drinking liberallyWe live in a world flooded with fact-free spin.

Faux News started it.

The astroturf Tea Party used it to rise to power.

And billions of dollars from the Kochtopus are being spent to perfect it, with the goal of solidifying corporate control over our government.

Don’t be depressed. Come hear Andrea “Connect the Dots Lady” Witte talk about spin and messaging tonight (March 26) at Drinking Liberally Tucson.

Witte explains complex issues– like healthcare reform or the federal deficit– by combining easy-to-understand graphics with facts and witty commentary. I’ve heard her speak on multiple topics, and she’s always entertaining and informative. Be prepared for some “ah-ha” moments. Event information in the BfAZ calendar here. Schmoozing begins at 6 p.m. on The Shanty’s patio, talk at 7 p.m.