Star editorial gives Brewer a big, sloppy kiss


by David Safier

Question: Is the Star going to go all out to try and elect Brewer?

Answer: Look at today's editorial.

Most of the editorial is OK. It's a look forward to the general election. After discussing the lackluster 25% primary turnout — which, by the way, is almost identical to the primaries in 2004, 2006, and 2008, so it's nothing new — the editorial turns its attention to the 6 newbie candidates.

So far, so good.

Then, it devotes two good sized paragraphs to singing Brewer's praises. I won't reproduce them here, because I can't see giving that kind of image building any more press. Suffice it to say, she's Wonder Woman who came back from a 41% approval rating in March to win 80% of the primary vote. That 80% number doesn't sound nearly as good when you remember she had no competition, but nevermind. She's Wonder Woman, resurrected from the dead by SB1070.

Terry Goddard is not mentioned. I repeat, Terry Goddard's name is nowhere to be found. Nowhere. To the Star, Brewer is Wonder Woman, and Goddard is the invisible man.

It's almost the same for McCain. In the 2 paragraphs on the Senate race, Glassman gets the second half of one sentence. McCain isn't praised like Brewer, but adding inches to your . . . press coverage . . . is what it's all about in politics.