Start a UHS expansion exploratory committee right away! (or pretty soon)


by David Safier

Tim Steller wrote a straightforward, informative column in the Star about the current University High (UHS) situation and some of the proposals on the table to expand the school. Just about the only personal opinion Steller throws in is that "TUSD should jump at the opportunity to explore alternatives and choose one to help UHS grow." He finds three different ways to make his point, ending the column by telling TUSD to "dispense with half-measures, embrace the success of UHS, and think big about its future now."

I couldn't agree more.

Sooner rather than later, TUSD needs to create a committee composed of a variety of informed people who care about the future of UHS and the future of the district. Give them the assignment of exploring and recommending a variety of options for expanding UHS. This should begin long before the district completes its districtwide demographic study and efficiency audit and before it creates its comprehensive strategic plan.

I would love to see a committee take a close look at the current UHS and ask itself, "In a perfect world, would we increase the size of UHS, and if so, what's the best way to do it?" Don't worry about budgets or whether the district has the right space available or whether there are a hundred obstacles to overcome. Just think what would be best for the students and the district. Once the committee decides the best future for UHS and comes up with a few near perfect solutions, then it can start worrying about how to make its ideas work in the real world, blending them into the information gathered from the demographic study and efficiency audit and making them part of the comprehensive strategic plan. Too often, people start with their heads filled with all the problems they have to overcome and never take a close look at what they hope to accomplish.