Stealing money from a baby? Not so fast.

by David Safier
I noted 6 weeks ago that Republicans took $7 million from the First Things First fund to help balance the 2009 budget. Now, according to the Republic,

The First Things First early-childhood-education board filed a lawsuit Monday to block the state from taking $7 million from a fund created by Arizona voters three years ago.

The defendants in the suit are our Accidental Guv, state Treasurer Dean Martin and state Comptroller D. Clark Partridge.

First Things First is a fund approved in 2006 to pay for early childhood education and health issues with a tobacco tax. It has amassed $300 million, because, rather than spending the money as it came, the board set up regional councils to figure out how best to spend the funds, and how to
assure the money will be around long enough to assess the educational
benefits, if there are any. To do a reasonable assessment, that's 8 to
10 years.

All these lawsuits involving the 2009 budget are going to have to take a number and wait their turn. This is the fifth so far.

NOTE: I may have to stop referring to Brewer disparagingly as the Accidental Guv. Dem legislators are saying she's about the only friend they've got right now — which lets you know how truly dire things are at the Capitol. But I don't have to make nice. I'll believe she's got our best interests at heart when we see some actions, not just words. It's still early.

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  1. Also I recall someone saying to the first President Bush before he lost the election;”Its the economy stupid!”

    As we all want a better education system for our kids the very Government that was established to enact sound fiscal policy has let us down in our State and Federal education systems to the point of a debt that as the office of budget and management stated;” will bankrupt the United States and sees no way out!”

    I talked to my family the other night about the 70 years since F.D.R. took us down a path that he wanted to be privately financed after implementation and we now are faced with a 65 trillion dollar debt(including the Obama 9 trillion dollar defecit spending plan) that in my life time will end the United States of America as we know it.

    I saw the collapse of The Soviet Union overnight because of its currency failure and now have seen ours on the brink due to out of control spending!

    this is not a joke as we have witnessed a situation that the Global markets can no longer finance our debt no matter how much money David wants to spend on Education!

  2. How about eliminating the monopoly control of the Federal Government by applying the antitrust laws to the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers : the monopoly is destructive of quality education and competition and is unresponsive to the taxpayers who fund it both in State and The Federal Department of Education.
    Eliminate tenure for government school teachers and college/university professors,making them accountable for the quality of instruction they provide students, just as Obama has fired the CEO of GM and given General Motors 60 days to restructure a failed auto company that was Government managed for unrealistic C-A-F-E standards and destroyed by its Unions , with Barney Frank demanding control of not only the CEO’S pay but every single worker at GM!

    What is so sacred about the Teachers who FAILED the State of Arizona!

    Strip the liberal agenda from the curricula , such as multiculturalism and global warming and replace it with curricula that reinforce actual education and the preservation of the civil society through its core principles that Government Schools now demand our students learn , like it or not!

    Eliminate The Federal Department of Education, since education is primarily a state and local function, using the federal dollars saved to fund the States Education Programs!

  3. Jan Brewer may be the best friend of the legislative Democrats, but she doesn’t seem to be a friend of education. The appropriations committee has recommended $330 million dollars in cuts to K-12 education for 09-10. The 08-09 cut was $130 million. Although Brewer announced the cuts DOA, she’s offered no alternatives.

    “Gov. Jan Brewer said there is virtually no way to balance next year’s budget without further cuts in state funds for education.”

    Just restoring the education equalization tax could mitigate the impact of the budget deficit on education.

    According to C.A.R.E.,

    Restoring the “Education Equalization Property Tax would bring in $250 million a year for education. This tax had been in effect for 26 years until it was suspended in 2006 when Arizona had a budget surplus. The tax, which directly benefits public education, is due to resume in FY 2009-2010. It would cost the average homeowner $8 a month. HB 2073 Permanently Repeal Education Equalization Property Tax and its Senate counterpart, would permanently repeal the State Equalization Property Tax. If the legislature does nothing, $250 million a year will go directly towards public education at a time when schools critically need these funds. Governor Brewer’s position on this bill has been equivocal.”

    According to the AZ Guardian, a GOP poll found that Arizonans are willing to pay more taxes to preserve public education. It’s time for the troglodytes in the legislature to get real.