Stegeman on Buckmaster Friday. Could get interesting.


by David Safier

Mark Stegeman is the Friday Focus newsmaker on the Bill Buckmaster show, 12-1pm, AM 1030 KVOI. The thing that could make this interview a bit unusual is that Tuesday when I was on Buckmaster's show, we talked about my views on Stegeman's leadership style on the TUSD Board. I wrote about it later that day in my post, The games Mark Stegeman plays. I don't know if Buckmaster will ask Stegeman about my assertions. If he does, I have no idea what Stegeman will reply, but believe me, I plan to tune in.

I'm especially interested because Stegeman often comments on my posts when I write about him, but I haven't heard from him this time, and so far as I know, he hasn't commented on the post when it's been linked to on Facebook either. It may be he's just been busy. It may be he's stopped taking me seriously. The Buckmaster interview could be a chance to hear a comment from Stegeman on the topic.