Steve Huffman’s July 2006 Quarterly Fundraising


Steve Huffman, Republican cadidate for Congress in AZ CD 8, finally got his FEC report in on July 20th. As off this writing, the FEC still hasn’t finished processing, so the report page images I prefer to use are still not available, though all the information is present on the site.

Huffman raised very well this quarter, raking in $268,079.25, giving him a total of $507K. Huffman heads into the primary with by far the most cash in hand, $413K, of any of the GOP contenders, and second in the entire field only to Gabby Giffords.

Part of Huffman’s success is his apparently very low cost of fundraising. He’s only spent a little over $94K to date, almost all of it in the past quater ($81K). Compare that to over $250K for both Gabby and Graf, and over $150 by Hellon and Weiss. That kind of spending discipline is enabled only by a candidacy that is facing no need to spend (on mailings and events) to raise money. The RNC is clearly ensuring the Huffman gets all the money he needs. After all, he’s their golden boy and they will be plowing millions into holding CD 8 for the GOP. They’ve clearly picked their paladin for the fight.

Most of Huffman’s contributions came from individual contributors, with only about $38K from PACs. I have to imagine that this a conscious strategy by the Huffman campaign to minimize ties to PACs at this point, given the ethical problems GOP members are facing this season.

Huffman, despite his tight fistedness, has some interesting expenditures. He spent $13K on polling (I heard from little birds that he was testing messaging against Graf and discovered a 20 point bump when respondents were reminded of Graf’s position on Social Security ‘reform’ and thus he might be running strongly on this issue in the primary).

More disturbing is the $14K he’s paid to PR firm Stevens Reed, the bastards who did the Swiftboat campaign. I have to wonder which candidate he’s preparing to Swiftboat? The obvious targets are Hellon and/or Graf in the primary, and Gabby or Patty in general. Campaign scuttlebutt is that Huffman has dirt on one of the other candidates and has already cut an ad on the topic, aided by Jim Click. The Stevens Reed payment would tend to support that rumor.

Finally, I have no idea who Scott Huffman is, but it seems likely he’s related to Steve, and he’s on the campaign’s payroll for $2K a month. There’s nothing illegal about hiring your relatives for a campaign, sometimes they are the only ones you can count on to give you cadid advice, but does give an impression of impropriety which should be explained.


  1. Anyone remember Richard H. Huff who ran for Congress against MO? I know The Huff family and grew up with them Bob Huff and Richard lived in Sleepy Hollow Trailer Ranch in the 1950’s and 60’s. Bob Huff owned the Tucson Speedway and Richard was a real Estate Broker owned Huff Reality. They lost but drew quite a showing for there time. Dan Huff Bob’s son is a basketball coach for CDO and is my age. Rickey Huff is a Minister and is bobs other son. Jean Ann Huff is a broker. They bought alot of land in the Tucson Mountain Range that has not yet been sold.

  2. I initially considered it a given that this $14K was to purchase a hit piece on someone, and it could be, but after some thought, the old “Ocham’s Razor” came to mind. Do you have any information that suggests this is something other than the ad Huffman is already running on television? He paid someone to produce it.

    Granted, these folks did Swiftboat, but until shown otherwise, I’m inclined to think this money bought the ad we’ve already seen, and not an upcoming hit piece. I am acutely aware of how wrong I might be.