Sundareshan, Stahl Hamilton, and Conover Condemn Convicted Donald and MAGA Republicans for Blocking Protections to Access Contraception

From the Biden/Harris Campaign

Earlier this week, most Republicans in the United States Senate blocked advancing a measure that would have protected the rights of Americans to obtain medically safe contraception. Earlier this year, Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature did the same.

Yesterday (June 6, 2024,) leading Arizona advocates for reproductive freedom and access to contraception in the State Legislature, Senator Priya Sundareshan and Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, at a Biden/Harris event with other champions for choice in Tucson, attacked convicted 34 times Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump, Kari Lake, and other MAGA Republicans who have continually voiced opposition to people having the right to control their own health care. Some of these Trumpists-MAGA individuals are even considering the idea of taking a woman’s ,who lives in a state where abortion is banned, health insurance away when it comes to contraception and the need to perform the abortion procedure out of state.

At the Biden/Harris event, Senator Sundareshan said:

“It’s a new normal, now, after Donald Trump helped overturn Roe v. Wade, that contraception is even up for debate. It’s a new normal that we’re hearing an Arizona GOP official say Arizonans should ‘put [aspirin] between your knees,’ instead of using birth control. But it’s not a norm we have to accept.”

Representative Stahl Hamilton commented:

“In America, access to safe, effective contraception should not be up for debate—but because of Donald Trump, it is. Even though the overwhelming majority of voters support access to birth control, Trump, Kari Lake, and these MAGA extremists want to block protections and cut off access to birth control across the country. Contraception is on the ballot this November.”

Pima County Attorney Laura Conover also attended the event, adding:

“Arizonans will make a choice on whether they will send someone like Kari Lake to the Senate, who previously praised that same Civil War-era abortion ban I fought in court. Or someone like Ruben Gallego, who has consistently put in the work to protect our rights.They’ll make a choice on whether the White House is occupied by Donald Trump, who appointed the judges that helped overturn Roe to begin with or whether we stick with President Biden who we know will protect our rights. I know what my choice is and it won’t be Lake or Trump.”

Amy Fitch-Heacock, the Co Founder of Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom also relayed:

“So when we say reproductive health care is at stake because of Donald Trump—we mean all of it—abortions, IVF, regular gynecologist check ups, postpartum care, and now, contraception. It’s past time for Republican politicians like Donald Trump to understand that they have no place coming between a woman and her fundamental reproductive rights—and that includes the right to contraception.”

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