Superintendent Kathy Hoffman Unveils New Campaign Ad on Facebook

Drawing a contrast between her performance as Arizona Superintendent of Public instruction with two of her predecessors, the Kathy Hoffman Reelection Campaign has released a new ad on Facebook.

The ad starts with the broadcasting of articles demonstrating ethical problems Superintendent Hoffman’s predecessors had in elected office. One of them, Tom Horne, is currently trying to win his party’s nomination to become Superintendent again on an Anti Critical Race Theory platform which is interesting considering that is not taught in Arizona public schools.

The narrator in the ad goes on, stating:

“After years of failed leadership, despite attempts to keep money out of schools, Superintendent Kathy Hoffman is turning schools around.”

The narrator proceeds to list the Superintendent’s accomplishments including:

  • Launching programs that have led to the hiring of “hundreds of mental health professionals and counselors statewide.”
  • Working with Democrats and Republicans to “increase funds for special education.”
  • Helping create the “first ever teacher residency program to attract and retain qualified teachers.”

The ad ends with the Superintendent, along with her new daughter Clara, addressing the audience, relaying:

“I’m Kathy Hoffman. I’m an educator and a mom, not a politician. I’m asking for your vote to continue the fight for better schools for all our kids.”

The Superintendent’s campaign has been skillfully utilizing social media to highlight Ms. Hoffman’s accomplishments in the office including ads like the one below:

From the Kathy Hoffman Reelection Campaign