Here’s a chance to give a big thumbs up in the Request to Speak system at the Arizona State Legislature.



If you have registered for Request to Speak, this is your opportunity to weigh in on the following bills in committee this week. (See directions on RTS here.)

(To register for a Request to Speak account: NOTE: It may take a day or two for someone to go to the capitol to sign you up, so do it now you may be able participate by Wednesday or Thursday.)

You can weigh in on the following bills anytime now or while they are in the committee meeting.

Wednesday, March 20th at 2:00 PM

House Committee on Transportation
SB1442 state fleet; neighborhood electric vehicles (Pratt) states that when agencies request vehicles, preference will be given to electric neighborhood vehicles unless they demonstrate it will not fit their needs. This seems like a good idea to reduce pollution and burning fossil fuels. SUPPORT.

Senate Committee on Finance
HB2493 appraisal methods; solar energy devices (Cobb) clarifies that leased solar rooftop systems are not subject to property tax, just as those systems owned by the property owner are not subject to property tax. This is a question of equity. Why give a tax break to those who can afford to buy a system outright versus those who cannot afford to buy and who lease instead? Why make solar less affordable for those with lower incomes or less upfront capital? SUPPORT.

If you haven’t registered for Request to Speak…

You can also call or email the following members of the Senate Finance Committee and ask them to support HB2493. If they say they are supporting it, also thank them.

Senator Lela Alston
Senator Sean Bowie
Senator Paul Boyer
Senator Lupe Contreras
Senator David Farnsworth
Senator Vince Leach
Senator David Livingston
Senator JD Mesnard
Senator Martin Quezada