SV Chamber of Commerce endorses Fleming, Dalessandro

by David Safier

I normally don't post about candidate endorsements, but this is an unusual Business-bites-Republicans story, so it deserves a few pixels.

This is the first time the Sierra Vista Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors has endorsed in legislative races.

Democrat Pat Fleming, an LD-25 incumbent Representative, is the only Chamber endorsement in that district. Obviously, a few Democrats are left out here, but more significant is that the Chamber doesn't give the nod to a single LD-25 Republican, including the one incumbent.

In LD-30, the Chamber endorsed three candidates, and Democrat Andrea Dalessandro, running for representative, is one of them. Both incumbents are ignored. Doug Sposito is the Republican pick.

And speaking of missing incumbents, the Chamber endorsed Marian McClure for LD-25 LD-30 Senate instead of Mad Frank Antenori.

I'm telling you, it may take time to catch on, but the business community is beginning to realize that wild-eyed ideologues don't make business friendly decisions.

2 responses to “SV Chamber of Commerce endorses Fleming, Dalessandro

  1. Pat Fleming has proven herself an excellent rep – I’m sure if we get Andrea elected, there will be another one of whom we can be proud!!!!!

  2. Marian McClure LD 30