SWAG List of Federal Candidates As of January 8, 2020


It’s time once again for the “silly wild ass guess” (SWAG) list of candidates running for office in November. Below is a list of federal candidates who are currently running for either the Democratic Presidential Primary, Arizona Senate or House seats in the 2020 Election Cycle.

This information will change over time as candidates file or withdraw from a race. The filing deadline for declared party candidacies is May 27, 2020. Write-in Primary Candidates have until July 2020 to file.

The Arizona Democratic Presidential Primary will be held on March 17, 2020. Republicans despite having three candidates (Donald Trump, Joe Walsh, and William Weld) will not have a primary in 2020.

The Arizona Senate and House Primaries will be held on August 4, 2020.

The National General Election will be held on November 3, 2020.

Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates that currently qualify for March 17, 2020, Primary Ballot. 

Arizona 2020 Senate Candidates (The asterisk means the candidate is the incumbent)

Martha McSally (R)*
Craig Brittain (R)
Josue Larose (R)
Daniel McCarthy (R)
Mohammad “Mike” Arif (D)
Mark Kelly (D)
Juan Vasquez (D)

Arizona 2020 House of Representative Candidates (The asterisk means the candidate is the incumbent)

Arizona Congressional District One

Tom O’Halleran (D)*
Barbara McGuire (D)
Eva Putzova (D)
Larry Williams (D)
John Moore (R)
Nolan Reidhead (R)
Tiffany Shedd (R)
Juan Smith (R)
Chris Taylor (R)

Arizona Congressional District Two

Ann Kirkpatrick (D)*
Mike Ligon (R)
Brandon Martin (R)
Joseph Morgan (R)
James Schmidt (R)
Shay Stautz (R)
Justine Wadsack (R)
Iman-Utopia Bah (I)

Arizona Congressional District Three

Raúl Grijalva (D)*
Steve Ronnebeck (R)
Daniel Wood (R)

Arizona Congressional District Four

Paul Gosar (R)*
Anne Marie Ward (R)
Delina DiSanto (D)
Stu Starky (D)
Emily Robinson (I)

Arizona Congressional District Five

Andy Biggs (R)*
Joan Greene (D)
Jon Ireland (D)
Scott Menor (I)

Arizona Congressional District Six

David Schweikert (R)*
Karl Gentles (D)
Anita Malik (D)
Stephanie Rimmer (D)
Gene Scharer (D)
Hiral Tipirneni (D)
Tom Lewellen (Write-In)

Arizona Congressional District Seven

Ruben Gallego (D)*
Josh Barnett (R)
Chris Hindle (R)

Arizona Congressional District Eight

Debbie Lesko (R)*
Jimmy Rodriguez (R)
Michael Muscato (D)
Bob Musselwhite (D)
Bob Olsen (D)

Arizona Congressional District Nine

Greg Stanton (D)*
Dave Giles (R)
Sam Huang (R)
Nicholas Tutora (R)
Irina Baroness von Behr (I)

For more information on state online petitions, please click on the Arizona Secretary of State site here.

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