TADA presents “Women & Guns” play

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See this play in honor of women serving in the armed forces today.  Press release from Sheldon Metz, Tucson Alliance of Dramatic Artists (TADA) Director:

TADA! presents the World Premiere of the Award-Winning play, Women and Guns, by Steve Gold, January 10 thru 25. The play presents the neglected issue of PTSD among female Marines in Iraq and at home, and features, Bebe Fischer, Eric Everts, Denise Blum and Nowell Kral. Admission is: $22 – $18 for seniors and students. Active military will be admitted free.

There will be a talk-back after each performance. This performance is supported through a generous donation from the William C. and Rosella E. Bauly Donor-advised Fund – through The Midland Area Community Foundation The Community Foundation. For Information and Reservations, Call: Sheldon Metz, 520-722-9553 – visit www.allianceperformancecenter.org and link to TADA!

 This play details the life of a female Marine MP, Tiffany Hansen, who is sent to Baghdad during the Iraq war, leaving behind her civilian boyfriend in Southern California. The play follows the Marine from her first day in Basic training to her subsequent deployment in Iraq. Along the way, she meets Bobby, a car mechanic who will become her companion. The psychological effect of her deployment both on her and Bobby is examined, as is her reaction to her subsequent accidental killing of an Iraqi girl.

Tiffany actually serves in combat, even though women are officially barred from doing so by act of congress. Indeed, this play could not have been written before the Iraq war because the social conditions did not exist: Iraq is the first American conflict in which women serve in combat on a large scale. To date, almost five hundred women have been killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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