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National Red for Ed Day – September 4, 2018

Join in this effort by the National Education Association and wear red tomorrow, and support public education in America.

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A New Chapter Dawns on the Fight For Education Funding

The leaders of the Educator Walkout (Red for Ed and the Arizona Education Association) signaled that the teachers and support staff would return to the classroom on Thursday if the Governor signs a budget that provides a raise to teachers and monies to go towards support staff and other urgent school needs.

Is this the perfect solution to Arizona’s school funding woes? No, this is simply a down payment on solving the needs our Public Schools have in providing a first-rate quality education to the state’s children.

With the closing on this chapter where the walkout brought the Governor and legislature to agree to a teacher raise and additional monies for schools, a new one will start to be written on Thursday as educators return to the classroom.

There is a ballot initiative to fund education through taxing high-income earners that must be debated and voted on.

There is an election in November where voters will have a chance to choose Progressive Candidates in a new Superintendent for Public Instruction, a new Governor, and many new legislators. If chosen by the people, these public servants will continue what started this last week and fully funding our schools by following the ballot initiative, closing corporate tax loopholes, or both. They will chart a new course to take our schools into the Twenty-First Century where our students are actively engaged and challenged in safe and modern buildings with educators who are well compensated.

These future opportunities for the children and their schools are in the next chapter that still needs to be written. It can not happen without the people banding together to help to write it so please remember to participate, engage in the process, and vote this November. Nothing can happen without you.




AEA Education town halls with Gubernatorial Candidates

Nov. 1 – Flagstaff

Nov. 8 – Yuma

Nov. 29 – Phoenix

Nov. 30 Tucson
Specific location information for each is on our Blog for Arizona calendar for each of these dates: https://blogforarizona.net/calendar-2/.

Two Democratic candidates running for Governor:  LD 9 State Senator Steve Farley and Dr. David Garcia, education professor at ASU, who ran for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction in Nov. 2014.

Summary of endorsements for TUSD Governing Bd. race – General Election 2016 (updated)

This is a hotly contested race of 7 people running for 3 unpaid seats on the TUSD Governing Board.  There are lots of yellow signs around town, near the public schools about this campaign and the candidates. Incumbents Prof. Mark Stegeman (2 terms), Kristel Foster (1 term), Cam Juarez (1 term) are seeking re-election.

Wrap up of some endorsements for the General Election, 2016 (in reverse alphabetical order):

Mark Stegeman – TUSD Kids First, Southern Arizona News Examiner

Rachael Sedgwick –

Brett Rustand – TUSD Kids First, Southern Arizona News Examiner, Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

Lori Riegel  – Arizona Federation of Teachers

Betts Putnam Hidalgo – TUSD Kids First, Three Sonorans, Tucson Weekly, David Safier of Tucson Weekly, Arizona Federation of Teachers, Planned Parenthood

Cam Juarez – Tucson Education Assn., Tucson Weekly, David Safier of Tucson Weekly, Planned Parenthood, Arizona Education Assn. , Pima Area Labor Federation

Kristel Foster – Tucson Education Assn., Tucson Weekly, Arizona List, David Safier of Tucson Weekly, Planned Parenthood, Arizona Education Assn., Pima Area Labor Federation

Go to the candidates’ campaign websites or FB pages to learn more, see other endorsements. This is not a comprehensive list.  Arizona Daily Star did not endorse any candidates (so far).  They did endorse Betts Putnam-Hidalgo in 2014.

Previous post of who’s running: https://blogforarizona.net/whos-running-for-tusd-governing-board-in-2016/

Vote wisely on or before Nov. 8, 2016.