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Len Munsil makes a dubious case for compulsory Christianity

Len Munsil
Len Munsil. Photo: Tucson Citizen

On Easter Sunday the AZ Republic ran a My Space column by 2006 Gubernatorial candidate Len Munsil, who formerly ran the theocratic lobbying group Center for Arizona Policy and currently serves as President of Arizona Christian University.

Quoth Munsil, who is disturbed by the decline of Christianity in the US:

Today we are living in a reality TV world where popular culture and politics seem to be dominated by cruel, hateful, confrontational, coarse, narcissistic, greedy, selfish and vulgar messages, leading to a stressed out, cynical, depressed and discouraged citizenry.

But enough about Donald Trump! Munsil thinks you need Christianity and that the only evidence you need for the veracity of the belief is that it has been popular: Continue reading

Women are increasingly resorting to DIY abortions? Don’t worry, GOP politicians have a remedy for that.

Big kudos to New York Times columnist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz for his revealing report on the explosion in interest in black market abortion procedures, based on internet searches, in the aftermath of a plethora of restrictions passed by states often under the (ironic) guise of “safety”.

diy abortion searches by state Continue reading

How anti-choicers play the media

lynn and duffyThey sure seem like a couple of reasonable people

I’ve been so wrapped up in the Presidential primary that I missed this. From the local Phoenix edition of the AZ Republic:

An anti-abortion group held a prayer vigil Saturday night outside a Phoenix hospital where they believe staff members are caring for a baby who survived an abortion.

More than 45 people crowded a candle-lined sidewalk across the street from Banner-University Medical Center Phoenix. Some held signs, others rosaries while they were led in group prayer. After the demonstration, a hospital spokeswoman denied there was a baby fitting that description under the hospital’s care.

Rumors began circulating Friday in the anti-abortion community that a 21-week-old fetus had been discovered breathing during an abortion procedure that afternoon at a private clinic near the hospital. Continue reading

Reading by Linda Valdez, author of “Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders”

Crossing the Line

Linda Valdez, author of “Crossing the Line: A Marriage Across Borders” (Texas Christian University, 2015,  $22.95). “Not a typical immigration story, Crossing the Line is told by a middle-class American woman who fell in love with the son of an impoverished family from rural Mexico, a man who crossed the border illegally to be with her. Married in 1988, Linda and Sixto Valdez learned to love each other’s very different families and cultures, raising their child to walk proudly in both worlds. The books cuts through the fears and preconceptions that fuel the continuing political turmoil over immigration.  For more than two decades, Linda Valdez has been an opinion writer for the largest papers in Tucson and Phoenix, specializing in medical, education, justice, immigration and other human rights issues.  She was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing in 2003, and her commentary opposing America’s famous anti-immigration laws earned her the Scripps Howard Walker Stone award for editorial writing.” (from a flyer about this event)

Friday, Feb. 19,  7 p.m. at Antigone Books, 411 N. 4th Avenue, NW corner of 4th Avenue and E. 7th St. in Tucson.

Linda Valdez

Linda Valdez

Reading will be followed by a Q and A period. Refreshments will be served.  Linda is a columnist with the Arizona Republic.

Info: www.antigonebooks.com, info@antigonebooks.com, 520-792-3715.

Diligent voters are now the “angriest mob”, per Paul Johnson

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johnson top two
Paul Johnson, Open and Honest Coalition

It used to be, not long ago, that voters who never missed any election were known as “good citizens”. But as the country has become more polarized and increasingly ungovernable, thanks entirely to one party (the GOP) being overtaken completely by rabid reactionaries, there is an increasing tendency by the Serious People to blame the voters for what they sat back and allowed to happen for decades*. This has certainly been the strategy of the people behind the Open “Primary”** initiative (AKA Top Two) in Arizona, which is currently getting signatures for the 2016 ballot.

The Arizona Republic has relentlessly promoted Top Two for years now, running numerous favorable articles and editorials on it since the first version (which failed) was introduced in 2012. Last Saturday, there was this softball interview with former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, a main backer of the initiative.

Why did the Open and Honest Coalition form?

The existing system discriminates against the 1.2 million voters who choose to not affiliate with a party, the largest group in Arizona. All taxpayers pay for primary elections, but independents are barred as candidates from those ballots and forced to choose a party ballot which they have already chosen to reject. Arizona had a 30-year record-low voter turnout in 2014 because voters aren’t given the freedom of choice. Continue reading