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David Garcia and supporters call for a Progressive Direction in Arizona at an ASU rally with Bernie Sanders

Representative Ruben Gallego, Dr. David Garcia, and Senator Bernie Sanders at a Garcia for Governor rally at ASU’s Student Pavillion (photo courtesy of AZ Central)

Great enthusiasm filled the David Garcia for Governor Rally in the main gathering room at the Arizona State University Student Pavilion on October 23, 2018 as approximately 700 people heard speaker after speaker (including Dr. Garcia and Senator and 2016 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders) electrified the crowd and passionately called for everyone to vote for progressive Dr. Garcia and other Democrats and get family, friends, and co-workers to the polls as well.

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Bernie, Donald & Me: Beyond the Victory on Nov 8

Steve Farley, Pamela Powers Hannley, Randy Friese

LD9 Senator Steve Farley, Rep.-Elect Pamela Powers Hannley and Rep. Randy Friese on Election Night.

At 5 a.m. on Nov. 9, 2016, I had an existential crisis. How could a Progressive candidate like me win election on the same day as Donald Trump?

The LD9 team won early on Nov. 8. Randy, Steve and I were the first winners to take the stage at the Pima County Democratic Party party in the Marriott Hotel, where many of us watched President Barack Obama win twice.

Excitement was in the air. Everyone was so cheery. The polls all told us that our candidate– the first woman president– would win handily. Yes, of course, one poll said that Hillary Clinton would win by only 3%, but how could that be when all other polls were so high in favor of her?

Now we all know what happened. The polls were wrong. Twenty-five years of lies; millions of social media shares of questionable meme attacks and fake news; editorializing instead of news analysis by mainstream news media; Russian hacks; dithering, drawn-out FBI investigation of those @#$% emails;  and deep-seeded sexism took down the most qualified candidate and gave us a president who promises to rule with an authoritarian hand.

So, how did I win on the same night Trump won?

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Sanders supporters continue to make the incredible claim that Clinton “stole” Arizona primary

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Conspiracy loons hijack AZ House elections hearing with bogus “election fraud” allegations

A bunch of people showed up to testify at the Arizona Legislature about last Tuesday’s Presidential Preference Election debacle in Maricopa County, and while many of them did have important and factual points to make, others were like this guy:

Sanders supporter
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Clinton, Trump, and Stein in early leads in Arizona PPE

Unofficial results from the Arizona Presidential Preference Election (PPE) from Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s website: http://apps.azsos.gov/election/2016/PPE/Results/PPE2016Results.htm. Only top two vote getters are being reported.

Democratic Party:         Hillary Clinton  58%      Bernie Sanders  40%

Republican Party:   Donald Trump  47%    Ted Cruz  25%

Green Party:   Jill Stein  81%      Kent Mesplay  19%

Percentage of Arizona registered voters who voted: not reported as yet.

Stay tuned for updates, by clicking on the hyperlink provided above.

Pima County returns (CD 1, CD 2, CD3) here: https://www.electionwareresults.com/webResults/summary-138.html