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Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the only Republican who gets clean renewable energy?

Maybe it’s because the “Terminator” comes from the future, but former Republican governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is about the only Republican who is making sense on the shift to clean renewable energy.

The “Terminator” has an op-ed co-authored with Per Espen Stoknes at CNN, arguing for American technological innovation in clean renewable energy, and begging the GOP to stop being servile lapdogs  to the Carbon Monopoly.  GOP, don’t lose out on the energy revolution:

Arnold_Schwarzenegger_February_2015Even as the international community signed a landmark climate agreement in Paris over the weekend, the issue of clean energy remains polarized at home in the United States.

Renewable energy is not a political issue, and it is time Republican leaders acknowledge the truth.

The politicization of clean energy has allowed Democrats to occupy the position of being pro-sun and pro-wind to such an extent that Republicans — in the eyes of many — are completely linked with coal and oil. But in fact, the energy revolution underway relies on inherently conservative principles and Republicans should take ownership of clean energy.

Core values of conservatism are about promoting free market competition, property rights, economic development and technological innovation. Conservatism is about cutting red tape for entrepreneurs, reducing taxes, killing unfair subsidies and giving consumers greater choices.

History is littered with examples of thought leaders who did not embrace coming technological shifts. The consequence was simple: You get left behind and become less and less relevant.

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2014 General Election is all about APS; Republican voters should be very concerned

Crossposted from the Arizona Eagletarian

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts asked the question, “Why is APS doling out cash to get Mark Brnovich elected?” It’s an excellent question.

Unfortunately, Roberts didn’t come up with an answer.

It’s not really a legitimate rhetorical question if the audience/readers cannot answer it for themselves. There is, however, a clear answer available. Voters — especially Republicans whose interests are being subverted — need to become aware of the background, reasons and the stakes involved. Continue reading