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The science it out: It is about race

Thanks to this concise tweet by Salon‘s Amanda Marcotte

For alerting me to the piece by her fellow Salon writers Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel on how it truly has been racism, and not economic angst as so many believe, that has fueled the rise of Donald Trump.

The American National Election Studies 2016 Pilot Study, a presidential primary extension of a long-running election survey, asked 1,200 eligible voters about the election, and their views on race, from Jan. 22 – 28, 2016. The poll had a number of questions designed to measure racial animus. Continue reading

Arizonans are the last people on earth who should act surprised about Trump.

Surprising? Not to me!

Joanna Allhands, like many of her colleagues in the Arizona MSM, is simply mystified by the success of Donald Trump.

But why? That’s the question I keep asking myself.

We could blame it on our pocketbooks. Most of us feel worse off than we were eight years ago, despite assurances that the economy is on better footing. Wages have stagnated. We’re working longer hours with fewer benefits. And for what? Continue reading

Gov. Brewer’s top adviser slams CAP mailers

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bolick flyer

HighGround, of course, is the political consulting firm run by Chuck Coughlin, who is widely known as Governor Jan Brewer’s top adviser. Here is HighGround’s blog engaging in some rather scathing criticism of the Center for Arizona Policy and their legislative endorsements.

When it comes to CAP however, if you are in the womb, you are truly blessed with their favor and support. However, once you are born – particularly if you are from a low income demographic or don’t happen to attend the right church – you are most definitely on your own. Continue reading

DuVal: Consider Public Banking to Heal Arizona’s Economy (video)

In early 1900s, progressives from both political parties joined forces to create the Non-Partisan League. This led to creation of North Dakata's public bank. (Cartoon published in the Non-Partisan Leader in 1912.)

In early 1900s, progressives from both political parties joined forces to form the Nonpartisan League and create North Dakota’s public bank. One of the original goals was to save family farms from foreclosure by big banks. Thanks to North Dakota’s public bank and its local investment policy, it was the only state whose economy didn’t collapse during the 2008-09 Wall Street crash. (Cartoon published in the Non-Partisan Leader in 1912.)

Both gubernatorial candidates agree that Arizona’s economy is not performing well, but they don’t agree on what to do about it.

Republican candidate Doug Ducey likes to ask audiences how many of them are from somewhere else, and of course, some people always raise their hands. Ducey’s conclusion is that because of Arizona’s great weather, people will continue to move here– despite the shortage of good-paying jobs (and water). Tourism, transplants, and related services have made money for Arizona and will continue to do so, Ducey contends.

To please his corporate donors, Ducey’s economic plan is to push for more unaffordable corporate tax cuts and follow other red state governors– most notably Kansas’ Sam Brownback and NJ’s Chris Christie— to the poor house. He also wants to duck the court order requiring the state to fully fund education (instead of paying back the $1.6 billion that the Arizona Legislature illegally took from schools). Ducey is offering more of Governor Jan Brewer’s failed Tea Party economic policies: give tax cuts even though we’re broke, balance the budget on the backs of the school children and the middle class, hope people will continue to move here, and quietly pray for more water. This is what Ducey calls “kick starting the economy.”

As Democratic Party candidate Fred DuVal aptly points out, Ducey’s plan is based upon “tooth fairy economics” (AKA trickle down economics). Although DuVal is sometimes vague on specifics, at least he doesn’t rely on magical thinking to solve Arizona’s economic woes. In debates and speeches, DuVal talks about growing local small businesses to re-build Arizona’s economy, vows to repay what the Republican Legislature stole from the schools, ties a strong public education system to economic expansion, and suggests student loan relief for teachers.

How can DuVal do all of this? One bold non-partisan strategy is to establish a public bank to keep Arizona tax money at home and use it for local investment…

Continue reading

Gov Brewer Floods LD9 Race with Dark Money for Orr

Gov.-Jan-Brewer-adjGovernor Jan Brewer is flooding Tucson’s legislative district 9 race with $101,000 to buy the seat for Republican Ethan Orr. In addition to the Brewer donations, 63% of Orr’s $49,000 has come from from dark money donors. In comparison, challenger Dr. Randy Friese has raised $115,000 in the same time period, with only 3% coming from political action committees (PAC).

From the Friese campaign…

Brewer PAC floods LD-9 with over $100,000 in dark money

Clear struggle between grass roots voter support and dark money influences

Tucson, Arizona — Numbers posted today on the Arizona Secretary of State’s website show that Governor Jan Brewer has pumped over $101,000 in independent expenditures into the LD-9 race in hopes of purchasing the seat for the Republican candidate, Ethan Orr. This money comes from Arizona’s Legacy, Brewer’s Political Action Committee.

“This seems to show a great level of desperation,” said Cheryl Cage, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Dr. Randy Friese, “and we view this as an indication that polls being conducted by the Republicans are showing that this seat is highly competitive.  It is equally interesting that Orr touts himself as a moderate, but is supported by a Governor that issues press releases that state the marriage equality ruling is ‘disappointing and deeply disturbing’. 

Of the $49,288 Orr has raised by himself during this cycle (since Jan 1 2014) over $31,000 has come from other PAC donations.

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2010 Arizona Tea Party Dream Team: 4 Down, 1 to Go

Tea Party

Oh, boo, hoo. The Blog for Arizona commenters think I am being too tough on poor millionaire GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.

Let’s not forget that Ducey– along with fellow Teapublicans Governor Jan “Papers Please” Brewer, Department of Education Superintendent John “Thucydides” Huppenthal, Ken “Birther” Bennett, and Tom “Banned for Life by the SEC” Horne— were all elected during the Tea Party Astroturf Revolution of 2010. Since then, this group + the Teapublican Arizona Legislature have wreaked havoc on our state, passing, signing and otherwise enabling bad legislation.

After the recent Republican primary, Ducey is the only one left standing. In November, it’s time to dump Ducey. (Or #DumpADucey, as they are encouraging on Twitter.)

It’s time to clean house. It’s time to end this six-year nightmare that worked up the nativist fringe, while catering to the Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Goldwater Institute. Ducey– along with the others– are too extreme for Arizona.

Recently, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal suggested that Arizona should establish a political ethics commission. Looking at this disgraced group, I think it sounds like a great idea.