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Progressive Radio in Tucson needs your support

TV star Jon “Bowzer” Bauman and John C. Scott, radio host at YWCA of Southern Arizona

“Help John C Scott continue to keep a Progressive Radio airing in Tucson on KEVT 1210 AM and Southern Arizona with Local Shows; John C Scott 3-5 pm Daily and Steve Leal’s All Things Politics and National hosts Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall and Stephanie Miller; as we need Operational funds in order to stay on the air as we work to Secure greater Investor Funds to Buy a Radio or TV Station for this Progressive format. Tucson’s format is attracting National and Worldwide attention and may help lead to a National Progressive Media expansion.”

To donate any amount, go to the Go Fund Me campaign online: https://www.gofundme.com/progressive-radio-tucson?rcid=3da0bd132e714d84a3f045aa5c01b585. Only $40 raised so far, so please consider donating.

Carolyn’s note: John C. Scott’s  radio show (28 years of talk radio in Tucson) airs M to F 3 to 5 p.m, produced by Democratic activist Mathew Laos (who briefly had his own radio show). New website: http://www.tucsonprogressivemedia.com/