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The First Chapter Completed in Funding our Schools? Maybe not for Tucson.

Walking around the state capital late this morning, there were universal signs of enthusiasm, passion, and unity among the supporters, dressed in red,  for increasing school funding. People held signs advising gatherers to remember the November elections and the need to vote in people who will finish what started this week.

The well-organized and very visible Superintendent of Public Instruction campaign of David Schapira, with signs and volunteers throughout the capital park,  joined with the forces promoting the Invest in Education Ballot act, collecting signatures. The leaders of the Red for Ed Movement were not letting up, with leaders like Noah Karvelis telling reporters what will happen next.

Not satisfied with the budget that passed today, district union representatives were telling their people from their districts that the fight must still go on after a week of rest and returning to the classroom. These representatives encouraged teachers to collect signatures for the Invest in Education Ballot Initiative, by collecting at least 200,000 signatures so 150,000 will be validated. They also said that they needed to work towards electing public school advocates this November, no matter which party they belonged to.

The one area of immediate concern expressed was when a few of the educators from Tucson relayed that their districts may not reopen for a couple of reasons.

  • First, they are justifiably not happy with how the support staffs have been treated.
  • Second, they are understandably furious that Pima County, unlike Maricopa, did not have their property tax increases in the budget taken care of by the state government. Saddled with this increase, net instructor raises would be minimized and support staff would receive a net cut in their salaries.

What will happen in Tucson and the other Pima County District Schools will be revealed later. It is important that the Red for Ed Movement stick together and work to correct this imbalance this county is beset with as well as the other funding issues not addressed in this budget. It is six months to November and there is a lot of work to do.







Political topography of Arizona

Arizona Secretary of State voter registration  totals as of Aug. 30, 2016:

7 of 15 Arizona Counties have more Democrats registered than Republicans in:Apache, Coconino, Greenlee, Navajo, Pima, Santa Cruz, Yuma Counties.

If you’re wondering where these counties are, here’s a map of the 15 counties. So most of the Democratic counties are in the Northeast and Southern areas of the state.


Pima County has only about 30,800 more Democrats registered than Republicans (179,043 to 148,215), with 159,929 Independents/Others.

Maricopa County has about 176,000 more Republicans than Democrats.  Note that Pima County”s registered Democrats is 179,000, slightly more than that difference in voters (Ds and Rs) in Maricopa County/Phoenix alone.

More info at: http://apps.azsos.gov/election/voterreg/2016-08-01.pdf

State-wide voter totals show more Republicans than Democrats or Independents:

Democrats: 1,019,050

Republicans: 1,185,023

Others: 1,164,373

And who is Arizona’s independent voter? Read my previous post from last November, 2015:


Almost 20,000 ballots still to be counted in Pima County for PPE

“As of Wednesday morning, these are the estimated number of remaining early, provisional and conditional ballots collected at the polls. These numbers do not reflect the early ballots that were already in the process of being verified at the Recorder’s Office before the polls closed.

Early Ballots: 11,230

Provisional Ballots: 8,340

Conditional Ballots: 90

These numbers are an estimate and will change by the minute as the Elections Department begins counting the remaining ballots. Ballot counting begins at 1 p.m. today (March 25).

We will send an update once Elections has finished counting all ballots. “

Thank you,

Marcia Zamorano,Pima County Communication Specialist

(520) 724-8512 Office

(520) 448-7514 cell

— — — — — — — — — — —

Carolyn’s note:  For the unofficial tallied votes for CD 1, CD 2 and CD 3 in Pima County for this March 22,2016 PPE, go to:https://www.electionwareresults.com/webResults/summary-138.html. 185,476 votes were cast and counted(so far).  Donald Trump (R), Hillary Clinton (D), and Jill Stein (G) are the projected winners for this Presidential Preference Election.

Both Green Party U.S. Presidential candidates coming to Tucson on March 10

Being as early voting has already begun in the Arizona PPE (U.S. Presidential Preference Election) and that there are 2 Green Party candidates running in their election, both Dr. Kent Mesplay and Dr. Jill Stein will be appearing in Tucson on Thurs. March 10. See flyers below for details on the 3 events.

The PPE is on March 22, 2016  so vote on or before then. More bio info on both candidates on our Calendar listings: https://blogforarizona.net/calendar-2/

Mesplay Presidential Candidate Event Flyer-page-001



More info on the Arizona Green Party: http://www.azgp.org/. There are 1,350 registered Green party voters in Pima County.

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Republican Kim DeMarco to launch campaign for Pima County Supervisor District 3



Friday November 13, 2015

5pm – 7pm

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 3445 N Dodge Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85716

“Please join us for an exciting evening as Kim embarks on her campaign for Pima County Supervisor and learn about her plan to get Pima County on the right track.

Kim is a retired Police Officer, former United States Marine and a local Business Woman. She looks forward to serving her community again with your help and support.”

Kim@DeMarcoforSupervisor.com ; 520-644-4444

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