Don’t Be Deceived by Fake Democrat Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney

I truly pity any Democrat who’s been deceived by Jette and Lawall’s campaign of misinformation and smears against incumbent Pima County Attorney Laura Conover, all financed by some of the biggest GOP donors in AZ.

Only one Democrat is running for Pima County Attorney – and it’s NOT Mike Jette!

I’m shocked and disgusted by Lawall’s complicity in attempting to weasel her way back into influence by backing a Republican in such a deceptive and fact-free manner. I’ve never had a high opinion of her administration of the office – outside of victim services, in which she and her team were pioneers – but I never thought she would be so desperate as to betray “her” party.

These are among the reasons that genuinely progressive Democrats across Pima County – like me and Larry Bodine – who are paying close attention to this race, including Ruben Gallego, Raul Grijalva, Regina Romero, Adrian Fontes, our entire LD18 delegation of Priya Sundareshan, Nancy Gutierrez, Chris Mathis and Ron Barber have all endorsed Laura Conover. Indeed, even relatively conservative Dems like Kris Mayes, Terry Goddard, and the DeConcinis are endorsing Conover.

Republican Jim Click’s candidate

Among those backing Jette, one name matters above all others – Jim Click. If you want Click’s candidate, you will certainly get what Click is paying for with a vote for Jette. And what is it that Click hopes to purchase? Another administration that will neglect consumer fraud and white-collar criminality while wasting resources on performative prosecutorial policies that sound tough but don’t deliver for the economic and physical security of our community.

Conover is a true progressive trying to make data-driven, positive changes in the way our Pima County justice system works to enhance public safety – and succeeding! – which is why Republicans have conspired to attack her in the Primary instead of an honest contest in the General Election. Instead of just juking the stats with costly and counter-productive policies to impress voters while neglecting real justice — as Barbara Lawall (1996-2020) did, and Stephen D. Neely (1976- 1996) did before her — Conover is taking on the difficult and often electorally unrewarding task of implementing policies that measurably enhance public safety while also enhancing the quality of justice in our community.

The opposition knows they can’t win honestly in Pima County in a high-turnout, polarized General Election by running a Republican candidate as a Republican. So they are lying to you about who Jette really is – he’s not a “law-and-order” Democrat. He’s the stalking horse of a beaten and morally bankrupt GOP, who are willing to stoop to any deceit to regain some of their waning influence in Pima County.

A Campaign of Lies and Smears

What we are getting from Jette and Lawall is exactly what I would expect from a Republican campaign – misleading and deceitful personal attacks on Conover’s character and fitness – and not a peep of truth about what Conover has already achieved in real gains in public safety for Pima County. 

Instead, they blatantly lie that crime is getting worse in our community despite the clear evidence to the contrary. They make very much about a very minor mistake made by Conover while campaigning, and lie and insinuate about all sorts of office politics and gossip from disguntled former employees who preferred the Lawall/Neely playbook in which prosecutors were encouraged to abuse their power to juke the office’s stats.

Back the real Democrat in this race – Laura Conover — not a Republican trying to dupe low-information voters as to his true allegiances and loyalties.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Deceived by Fake Democrat Mike Jette for Pima County Attorney”

  1. Today I received a text (because I’m registered as a Democrat) from a PAC working for Jette, saying another Democrat was accusing Conover of lying and asking for my vote and money.

    Deleted with prejudice. Thanks for setting Dems straight on who Jette is really representing.


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