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“Nice” John Kasich has not-so-nice things to say about rape

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There are so many things wrong with what GOP Presidential candidate John Kasich said here that it’s hard to know where to start. Continue reading

Some nice men are planning a meetup in Tucson and Phoenix arranged by a man who advocates legalizing rape. No big whoop.

Followers of a character calling himself Roosh V, a self-styled “pick up artist” (PUA) with, um, interesting opinions of women are planning to hold meetups across the world, including in Phoenix and Tucson.

Here are the instructions to would-be rape aficionados who would like to attend (screen-shotted below):

rofk screenshot Continue reading

Bill Cosby and the cruel joke that is the “rape exception”

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ac360 screenshot

A friend of mine asked recently if I planned on posting about the recent release of the deposition where Bill Cosby admitted to obtaining qualuudes to drug women he wanted to have sex with. I do feel like others have done the matter itself more justice than I could (special kudos to Jamilah Lemieux) but when I watched this CNN segment where Anderson Cooper interviewed Cosby victim Patti Masten it drove home a point I and other reproductive rights advocates have been making for some time. That point is that the “rape exception” blithely offered by anti-choicers as a token of moderation of their attempts to criminally ban abortion is – not to put too fine a point on it – bullshit. Continue reading

Nice AGs you’ve elected yourselves there, Arizona

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prison2Photo: globalresearch.ca

I actually don’t know if Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Weisbard was a Tom Horne or Mark Brnovich hire but does it matter?

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is asking for dismissal of a lawsuit filed by a teacher who was brutally assaulted and raped after being left in an unguarded prison classroom with a convicted sex offender.

The AG’s reasoning is essentially this: the woman knew she was in a prison, so what did she expect?

No, seriously. That’s the reasoning. Continue reading

I guess you could say Jeffrey Epstein was being a Job Creator™

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jeffrey epsteinPhoto: Telegraph UK

Our betters in action:

Britain’s Prince Andrew allegedly lobbied the U.S. government to go easy on an American billionaire the FBI was investigating for holding sex slaves he allegedly shared with the prince and “many other powerful men,” according to claims in a court document obtained by RadarOnline.com.

Four women who allege they were Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slaves are suing the federal prosecutors for not conferring with them before reaching “a secret non-prosecution agreement” with the Wall Street money manager.

Instead of possible life sentences over human trafficking allegations, which included claims he shared teen sex slaves with his rich and powerful friends, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a far lesser state sex charge that sent him to a Florida prison for just 13 months.

Here is the line that most stands out for me among the explosive allegations that have emerged: Continue reading

The need for rape victims to be “perfect” hurts all survivors

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By now you’ve probably read or heard about the roundly excoriated Rolling Stone article examining the problem of rape on college campuses. They focused on the University of Virginia and on one victim in particular, Jackie, who told a shocking story of being gang-raped after accompanying a man on a date to a frat party. Unfortunately, writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely made some serious errors in her reporting, chief among them failing to vet some of the details of Jackie’s claims, such as the fraternity where she alleges her attack took place and the employment of the young man at the center of the account at the pool where Jackie was a lifeguard.

I will not be joining the chorus of voices declaring it to be a settled matter that Jackie fabricated the entire thing since she continues to maintain that she was assaulted and her roommate at the time also insists that she was. Human memory is notoriously faulty about mundane things and a traumatic experience can cause a person to be more, not less, likely to have a poor recollection of events. Continue reading