President Biden Hits a Homerun in the State of the Union Address; Arizona Democrats React

In his State of the Union speech this evening, Joe Biden showed why he is the President of the United States. From his opening remarks stating “we’re finally together again” and “we meet tonight…as Americans,” to his closing comments “the only nation that can be defined by a single word possibilities” and “the State of … Read more

Arizona Democratic Reaction to The Nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the United States Supreme Court

Members of the Arizona Democratic Establishment reacted with universal praise for President Joe Biden’s nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to succeed Justice Stephen Breyer on the United States Supreme Court. Judge Jackson has the experience, integrity, and bipartisan history that will make her an exemplary Supreme Court Justice. We look forward to her confirmation. … Read more

Arizona Democratic Congressional Reaction to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

With Russia’s full fledged invasion into Ukraine over the last 24 hours, Arizona’s Democratic Congressional Delegation has released statements condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions and supporting the reactions of the Biden/Harris Administration and the other N.A.T.O. member states. Senator Kyrsten Sinema posted: Statement on Russia's Attacks on Ukraine — Kyrsten Sinema (@SenatorSinema) February … Read more

In its Latest Ads, The Lincoln Project Shows Us What We Should and Should Not Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving, the producers at the Lincoln Project do not disappoint. In two ads, they perfectly frame what the American People should be thankful for and what they should scorn this holiday season and beyond. The first ad titled “Biden Delivers” shows portions of President Biden’s optimistic and forward-looking speech to the American People … Read more

A Great Day for the American People, Arizona, and the United States: President Biden Signs the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

On a historic day for the American People and the United States, President Joe Biden, flanked by 800 guests of both major political parties, signed the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. As many Democrats have remarked: infrastructure week has finally come. Joe Biden is the master of the art of the deal. The Bipartisan Infrastructure … Read more