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Anti-choice AZ GOP legislators continue to promote idea that women don’t really ever pay for anything, refuse to protect doctors’ personal info

Sen. Barto was gloating about SB1318 passing the Senate on Thursday afternoon. Here’s Sen. Kelli Ward (R) echoing the “pay for it yourselves, floozies” canard:

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“Progress Now Arizona” has arrived


Last night a house party was held in Tucson to listen to recently hired Executive Director Robbie Sherwood of Progress Now Arizona speak on a number of issues relevant to progressive thinkers.  Progress Now is a national group and helped turn Colorado from a red state to a blue state in 2010 (Progress Now has been in Colorado for 10 years). Their Arizona office opened in Phoenix on December 1, 2013 and their mission is:

 ProgressNow Arizona is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots communication and advocacy organization. We work year-round to promote progressive issues and public policy solutions, to correct right-wing misinformation and to hold elected officials accountable.

ProgressNow Arizona is a member of the national ProgressNow network.

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GOP majority = ALEC

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Big kudos to my pal Robbie Sherwood for getting the goods on the recent lavish wine-and-dine of Republican legislators by corporate lobbyists at the pricey Biltmore-area steakhouse Donovan’s.

Even Laurie Roberts stopped swooning over “moderate Republicans” for a minute to express her dismay at this. Which is good, because if the self-appointed saviors of Arizona like Laurie (who simply refuse to see the obvious answer that is right before their faces, which is “elect Democrats”) really want to do something it helps if they understand what is causing our problems. Continue reading