UPDATED: There is a New Senate Democratic Leadership Team at the State Capitol

Out with the new and in with the new new. That is the scoop at the Senate Democratic Caucus this week with the twin announcements that Leader (and former Party Chairperson) Raquel Teran and Whip Rosanna Gabaldon were stepping down and Mitzi Epstein, Juan Mendez, Eva Burch, and Lea Alston assuming the top leadership positions. … Read more

Arizona Reaction to the Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

The reaction to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan has been hugely positive in most forward-thinking circles. Below is a sample of the reactions that have come since the legislation passed in the House of Representatives on November 5, 2021. Please note that none of the below comments include any statements from the Republican members (Debbie Lesko, … Read more

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Arizona Daily Star Editors Interview LD2 Candidates (video)

Each election season, there is an endorsement process. Organizations, groups and causes conduct their endorsement processes differently. Some just hand out endorsements. Some require candidates to answer questions and do interviews. In recent weeks, the Arizona Daily Star conducted their endorsement interview with four of the five Legislative District 2 candidates: Rosanna Gaboldon (D) and … Read more

Arizona Daily Star endorses Republicans Shelley Kais & Chris Ackerley, Democrat Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr. for LD 2

In today’s online Arizona Daily Star, the Editorial Board there has endorsed Shelley Kais (R) for State Senator in LD 2, over 3 term incumbent Senator Andrea Dalessandro (D).  They also endorsed incumbent Daniel Hernandez Jr. (D) and former Rep. Chris Ackerley (R), over incumbent  Rep. Rosanna Gabaldon (D). Ackerley held a position in the … Read more

All in the family: 3 Hernandez siblings running for election in 2018

L to R: Consuelo Hernandez, LD 2 Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr.,Alma Hernandez – photo taken by their mother (also named Consuelo)

Three siblings in Tucson, all named Hernandez are running for election in 2018. Daniel is running for LD 2 House (re-election), Consuelo for Sunnyside School District Governing Board, Alma for LD 3 House.  They are having a joint fiesta campaign kickoff on February 15 (scroll down to bottom for flyer).

One-term Democrat LD 2 House Rep. Daniel Hernandez Jr, seeking re-election to his House seat. He defeated Republican incumbent Rep. Chris Ackerley 32,651 to 28,506 in Nov. 2016. (The other House Rep. Democrat incumbent Rosanna Gabaldon got 32,495 votes.) Daniel has also served on the Sunnyside School District Governing Board as President, and was the Congressional intern who assisted then CD-8 Congresswoman Gabby Giffords after she was shot in the head, at the Tucson mass shooting on 1/8/11.

His youngest sister Alma is now running for LD 3 House, where there will be 2 open seats, as LD 3 House Rep. Macario Saladate is retiring, and Rep. Sally Gonzales is running for state senate in that same district. Also running for the House in LD 3 now is current LD 3 Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, and political newcomer (but involved in Dem politics for years) Andres Cano, a Special Staff Assistant to Pima County District 5 Supervisor Richard Elias.

Alma recently got her M.P.H. from the U of Arizona, and has been active in Democratic politics for years. Recently she led Arizonans United for Healthcare working to defeat the repeal of the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Their middle sister Consuelo is running for Sunnyside School District Governing Board, where her brother currently sits. She is a case worker for the International Rescue Committee in Tucson.  Daniel is not running for re-election on the SUSD board (after 2 terms), so Consuelo is running for one of 2 seats. The other SUSD board member  up for re-election is Eva Carrillo Dong.

All 3 of these siblings went to the Democratic National Convention in July, 2016 as delegates.

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