The reaction to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan has been hugely positive in most forward-thinking circles.

Below is a sample of the reactions that have come since the legislation passed in the House of Representatives on November 5, 2021.


Please note that none of the below comments include any statements from the Republican members (Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert) of the Arizona Congressional Delegation.

They apparently do not care about modernizing Arizona’s infrastructure and did not vote for the bipartisan legislation.

Voters should remember that when deciding whether these individuals deserve Arizonan support in the next Congressional elections.

Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Raquel Teran

“Today’s passage of this historic infrastructure package — which is going to create jobs, boost our economy, and transform our state — is a testament to President Biden’s leadership and the value of Democratic governance. When he campaigned across Arizona last year, he promised to build back better — and with this legislation, he is doing just that.”

“Thanks to the tireless efforts of Arizona’s Democratic lawmakers, Arizona families are going to benefit from more resilient infrastructure, better roads, and bridges, investments in water infrastructure, expanded broadband connectivity, and so much more — all while creating good-paying jobs.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Arizona Democrats, this historic investment will deliver crucial funding to bring internet access to students trying to do their homework in rural Arizona communities; it’s going to finally, at long last, pave the roads in Indian Country; it’s going to make sure Arizonans have clean, safe, drinkable water; and it’s going to make life easier for millions of Arizonans with funding for projects like a Phoenix-Tucson commuter rail.” 

“While Democrats have once again delivered for Arizona, GOP Reps. Gosar, Biggs, Schweikert, and Lesko opted to vote against the communities they were elected to represent yet again with Senate primary candidates trailing right behind them. Voters will hold them accountable for it come 2022.”

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema


Arizona Senator Mark Kelly

“This is a big deal for Arizona. This bipartisan infrastructure legislation will bring high-paying jobs to Arizona, fix our roads and bridges, expand high-speed internet access, upgrade our ports of entry in San Luis and Douglas, make Arizona more resilient to wildfires, and help us address this twenty-year drought by improving our water infrastructure. These investments are long overdue, and today, they are one step closer to reaching our state.”

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego

“I applaud President Biden and Congress on the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework. This once-in-a-generation, bold investment is critically important to the future of American communities and our families.  

The plan aligns with key priorities I have for Phoenix by accelerating efforts to combat climate change, investing in roads and transit, and creating good-paying jobs that will strengthen our economy.  

I especially welcome the emphasis on ensuring equity across program implementations, including climate action. It is something I champion in Phoenix and serves the best interests of our nation.  

I look forward to the next step: the passage of the President’s full Build Back Better plan.”  

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero

Mesa Mayor John Giles:

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will be a historic investment that will have a generational impact in Mesa. It brings expanded broadband, airport improvements & jobs. Thank you to the congressional delegation from AZ for their role in getting this done. #BuildBackBetter.”

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Aaron Lieberman:

“I was very pleased to see the passage of the historic bipartisan infrastructure bill. This is a win for our entire state as we’ll see much-needed fixes in our rural and urban infrastructure. In the coming years, the money from this deal could mean new buses to carry kids to school, faster and affordable internet for those in rural Arizona, and a sustainable water supply for generations. I’m especially excited about the investment in a national network of electric vehicle chargers, which will accelerate the use of efficient vehicles and help reduce the use of fossil fuels while creating manufacturing jobs.”

Arizona Congressional District One Representative Tom O’Halleran:

“Our nation’s crumbling infrastructure has created vast and complicated problems, but perhaps nowhere has the effect been felt so acutely as in rural Arizona. In the shadow of wildfire burn scars, towns across our state plead for flood control project funding, families lose children trying to cross washes that need safe bridges, and hardworking Arizonans traverse some of the most dangerous roads in need of repair in our country. And, tribal families across Indian Country far too often lack the infrastructure most of us have come to consider as a given—clean, running water; basic electricity; sanitation systems; and an internet connection.”

“Our bill will finally provide long-overdue investments to address these problems that cost lives and livelihoods, creating millions of new jobs in the process. This legislation will create jobs that will support families and revitalize our crumbling infrastructure with made-in-America work—pipefitters, auto workers, clean energy construction, tradesmen, and specialized labor and small business involvement will all work in tandem to uplift rural economies across our country.” 

“For far too long, Congress has agreed that infrastructure is an American priority but has let political gridlock get in the way of concrete action. I was proud to vote to pass this much-needed package today.”

Arizona Congressional District Two Representative Ann Kirkpatrick:

Arizona Congressional District Three Representative Raul Grijalva:

Arizona Congressional District Seven Representative Ruben Gallego:

“President Biden and this Democratic majority were elected to bring real, tangible change that could be felt in all corners of the country. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act does that by providing critical funds to rebuild Arizona’s roads, bridges, and public transit and expanding access to reliable broadband and clean water for all communities. I was proud to join my House colleagues in voting to pass it tonight.
“But delivering on President Biden’s agenda means passing all of the President’s agenda. If we are serious about putting middle-class American families first, combating climate change, improving Americans’ access to housing, health care, and childcare, and building generational wealth–especially in Black and Brown communities –we must pass the Build Back Better Act.
“Our majorities were sent to Washington to deliver on the transformational policies in both pieces of legislation. I call on my House and Senate colleagues to support President Biden’s agenda and swiftly pass the Build Back Better Act. We cannot waste this opportunity to deliver for American families.”=

Arizona Congressional District Nine Representative and former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton:

“When I left my job as mayor to run for Congress, one of the main reasons was because I was frustrated that the federal government wasn’t doing its part to help local communities build the infrastructure we need to build a stronger economy.

It’s why I wanted to serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

I’m grateful that Congress––finally––has passed a major investment in infrastructure that will create millions of good-paying jobs, boost innovation and competitiveness and strengthen Arizona’s economy.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act includes several key investments I’ve long fought for—from highways to broadband to water and wastewater systems to public transit.

With this historic investment, here’s what Arizonans can expect:

  • Building new roads and bridges––and finally fixing those that need it. In Arizona, there are 132 bridges and more than 3,100 miles of highway in poor condition, which increases driving time and wear and tear on vehicles. Arizona will receive $5 billion for our roads and highways and $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs. The bill also includes my ROCKS Act to make infrastructure construction in Arizona more sustainable.
  • Improving public transportation. Good public transit lifts everyone in our community, from local businesses to students to seniors. Arizona will receive $884 million over five years to improve public transportation options in communities across the state—including funds from my Small Communities Transit Act which helps places like Flagstaff serve their residents.
  • Upgrading Arizona’s water infrastructure to prepare for long-term drought. Further action to safeguard our water supply has never been more critical. Arizona will receive $619 million over five years to improve water infrastructure across the state and ensure that clean, safe drinking water is a right in all communities. The Army Corps of Engineers will also receive $200 million to fund the new Arizona Environmental Infrastructure Authority I successfully fought for last year. In total, $8.3 billion is marked for western water projects.
  • Connecting all Arizonans to reliable, high-speed internet. In 2021, internet access is a necessity to get a quality education, apply for a job, or access healthcare. Arizona will receive $100 million to help provide broadband coverage across the state, including providing access to the at least 353,000 Arizonans who currently lack it. Additionally, nearly a quarter of Arizonans will become eligible for the Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will help low-income families afford internet access.
  • Preparing for climate change, wildfires, and extreme heat. Arizona will receive $38 million over five years to protect against wildfires and will benefit from the $3.5 billion national investment in weatherization, reducing energy costs for families.
  • Safeguarding against cyberattacks. Small, rural, and tribal water systems are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. Arizona will receive $17 million to keep communities and our infrastructure safe from this new and evolving threat.
  • Boosting the electric vehicle infrastructure. Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles is critical to address the climate crisis, and EVs support manufacturing and design jobs right here in the Valley. Arizona will receive $76 million over five years to support the expansion of an EV charging network in the state.
  • Helping Arizona airports take flight. Our airports are economic engines, contributing millions of dollars to our regional economy each year. Airports in Arizona will receive $348 million for infrastructure development over five years.
  • Expanding––and upgrading security––at ports of entry. Arizona’s economy depends on efficient cross-border trade and tourism. This bill invests $147 million for the San Luis Port of Entry, $216 million for the new Douglas Port of Entry, and $184 million for rehabilitation at the current Douglas Port of Entry, which will speed up exports and imports. 

This is a big step forward.

Our economic future as a state depends on it, and I look forward to continuing our work to deliver for Arizonans.”

Arizona Congressional District Two Candidate Kirsten Engel:

“Passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill is a major victory for our country and for Arizona. This will provide historic investments for traditional infrastructure projects – roads, bridges, airports, ports of entry – and clean energy, electric vehicles, water resiliency, and broadband. This will create millions of good-paying jobs and grow our economy. I’m grateful to each Democratic member of our Arizona delegation for the work they did to help secure this landmark achievement. Now we need to continue delivering for everyday Arizonans by extending the enhanced child tax credit, guaranteeing paid family leave, reducing healthcare costs, and further investing in clean energy by passing the Build Back Better Act.”

Arizona Congressional District Four Candidate Delina DiSanto:

“The Infrastructure bill will help Arizona repair over 100 bridges and thousands of miles of highway that are in poor condition. It will also allow us to address our needed water infrastructure projects and improve the broadband access needed desperately for our rural areas. Rep. Paul Gosar voted against this bill. Why? It will create good-paying jobs, repair our failing infrastructure, ensure clean and safe drinking water and give rural small businesses and children better internet access. This proves Paul Gosar is not thinking of his constituents or Arizona. He doesn’t care to help us. I bet you though when those federal dollars are coming into Arizona for these pertinent projects, he’ll take all the credit.”

Arizona Congressional District Four Candidate Judy Stahl:

“I’m grateful to see that strong, principled leadership prevailed in Congress this week. By improving transportation throughout our state and bringing broadband to Arizona families, the new infrastructure package will uplift AZ04 families and catapult our rural economy into a better future. This is an incredible achievement on the part of the House of Representatives. Once elected, I will work tirelessly to build upon the progress achieved this week and continue to move rural Arizona forward.”

State Representative Mitzi Epstein (LD-18): 

“Hurray for our economy!   Individuals’ wages still need to be increased in important jobs like caregivers and teachers,  but overall, with President Biden, confidence is high and our economy is on a bright track!  Deloitte reports,  “Household and business balance sheets are still in good shape… and GDP is above the prepandemic level.”    Goldman Sachs forecasts solid growth for the US in 2021 and 2022.  US stock performance remains strong, which is good for your 401K and investments. Economists in Arizona tell me that they believe these federal investments are very good for business.”

“Building infrastructure has traditionally been a great help to everybody and pays for itself.  A reliable infrastructure keeps commerce moving and reduces costs for business.  The Biden Administration and the members of Congress who supported this plan deserve enormous applause!  Further, I appreciate the time it took to consider and debate these big plans.  The debate and disagreements are signs of democracy in action that lead to a better final result.  We don’t want Congress to work fast; we want Congress to work well.  Taking time to work out the details is worth the effort.”

State Senator Rosanna Gabaldon (LD-02):

“Congress passed an important infrastructure bill that will greatly improve #Arizona especially Southern AZ (trade & commerce and water projects) Appreciation to our congressional delegation for passing this legislation that will put Arizonans first! #Arizona #InfrastructureWeek.”

State Senator Martín Quezada (LD-29):

“The Democratic majority in the #USHouse just passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that’ll create millions of jobs while modernizing infrastructure, combatting our climate crisis, and strengthening our economy. Now, let’s do the #BuildBackBetterAct and keep producing results.”

House Minority Leader Reginald Bolding (LD-27):

“Congress just passed a monumental infrastructure bill that will vastly improve #Arizona. Shoutout to our congressional delegation for passing this legislation that will put Arizonans first! #Arizona #InfrastructureWeek.”

State Representative Charlene Fernandez (LD-04):

“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act will aid thousands of families in Arizona with investments in broadband expansion, public transportation, water management, and more. It’s time to Build Back Better!”

State Representative Kelli Butler (LD-28):

“Exciting to see the #Infrastructure bill pass, and with bipartisan support! The investment in Arizona will mean improved roads, clean water, broadband, action on climate resilience. Plus- good jobs & a stronger economy too!”

Children’s Action Alliance Leader David Lujan