Arizona Leaders Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day

Dear Readers Here is a sampling of how some of Arizona’s leaders celebrated Indigenous People’s Day on October 10, 2023. “Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It is a day to recognize the sovereignty and resilience of indigenous peoples. The City of Tucson is located on the traditional lands that have been stewarded by the Tohono … Read more

(UPDATED) Arizona’s Reaction to the Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel

Dear Readers Below is a sample of some of Arizona’s leaders, both Democrat and Republican, who have strongly condemned the unprovoked Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. It is important to show that Arizona’s leaders speak with one voice in supporting our longest and sole Democratic ally in the Middle East and condemn those who would … Read more

Organize Now to Protect Abortion Access in Arizona!

The Arizona Abortion Access Act initiative (The AAA) to amend AZ’s constitution to protect women’s access to abortion has now officially launched its petition drive under the coalitional organization of Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom. You can visit them to sign up to help the effort. You can directly register yourself in their volunteer intake form … Read more

Factual Reality vs Dark Fantasy: Arizona House Delegation Reaction to the Trump Indictments

The bombshell history-making indictment of Donald Trump for not turning over many documents labeled, confidential, classified, and top secret after his term, showing them to individuals in Florida who did not hold a security clearance,  and keeping those sensitive papers in unsecured locations like a Mar A Largo ball and bathroom, have generated mostly polar … Read more