Take the pledge to go car free

Pima County Environmental Quality department is asking folks to take this pledge to drive a bit less:


“Pick at least one action for your pledge:


Ride a bicycle

Take transit


Skip at least one trip a week


These are all noble attempts to drive less, including hosting a car free day at the University of Arizona on September 22, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. I can do this as I frequently bike to campus.

But once again I have to emphasize that riding the Sun Tran bus is NOT fun in this city, without bus shelters and/or benches and shade at every stop, especially in the long 5 month hot summer months, with lots of days over 100 degree F.

At least all Sun Tran buses and even the Sun Link streetcar are running FREE (since the pandemic), which is encouraging ridership. Recently we experienced car trouble (battery, alternator?, emissions test repeat, and a screw in a near flat tire) so we were on the bus for a few days. (And we didn’t notice any homeless people practically living on the buses as previously reported.)

And if you considering riding a bicycle more often, here’s an incentive — the E. 3rd Street and Treat Avenue bike boulevards are much better paved than the regular streets. No potholes to speak of, and they are a joy to bicycle on, esp. since the Fall is coming (with cooler temperatures).

What do you think?