Take the Water Pledge in National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation


waterpledgeTake the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation water pledge online sponsored by the Wyland Foundation, and enter to win  great prizes including a Toyota Prius V car. Tucson WON  in 2013 and many folks in town won several prizes.

Pledge online April 1 to April 30 at:


Tucson is in #2 place right now, in the city size of 300,000 to 599,999.  I remember last year we came in #2 under Corpus Christi, TX. Check City standings here: http://www.mywaterpledge.com/master-top-ten/. Tell your friends to pledge too.

How it Works

  • Take the “My Water Pledge” on behalf of your city.
  • See how much you’ve pledged to save.
  • If your city wins and you choose to enter the prize drawing, you are eligible to win one of the following prizes:
    • Grand Prize: Toyota Prius v
    • $1000 Shopping Spree at a Home Improvement Store
    • 50 Smart Irrigation Controllers from the Toro Company
    • 250 Home Improvement Store Gift Cards ($25)
    • 40 Fixed Mount EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik
    • 40 Hand Held EcoFlow® Shower Heads from Waterpik
    • NEW this year: One winning city will be chosen at random to receive a pocket park landscape makeover, including state of the art water efficient irrigation from the Toro Company (ARV $10,000-$50,000).

4 responses to “Take the Water Pledge in National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation

  1. Carolyn Classen

    Oh well, winners finally announced and Tucson came in 2nd under Aurora, Colorado for cities of our size. Better luck next year. Thanks to all who pledged. Tucson won in 2013, #2 in 2014, #2 in 2015. Not bad overall.

  2. Fact Checker 13

    I don’t object to these kinds of things, but let’s keep in mind who is using most of the water (hint: not individuals). Here’s of the many links for CA (personal use is 4% of the state water use), I don’t have one on tap for Arizona:

    • Carolyn Classen

      If you mean that most of the water is being used for animal husbandry, that was the focus of the “Cowspiracy” movie recently seen at the Loft Theater. This water challenge is just to enable Tucsonans to become more conscious of their own water use, and to win prizes once again. Ivan M. won the Prius in Tucson in 2013, plus prizes to these others: http://www.mywaterpledge.com/campaign/national-campaign-2015/

  3. Woohoo — just this morning we have moved into # 1. Keep it up Tucson.