Talk show host John C. Scott now online at Tucson Progressive Media

John C. Scott

Long time radio talk show host John C. Scott returned yesterday to his political broadcasting via Tucson Progressive Media online.  He will be hosting this show,

M to F, at high noon for one hour.  Listen live via their website:

More info on Tucson Progressive Media from their FB page:

“Here you can find great programming of radio and podcast shows from Wisconsin, California, and of course Tucson, Arizona.

Just go to our Tucson Progressive Media website above and hit the blue button labeled “Click Here to Hear!” This takes you to the streaming site, click at the top in black the current show at (now playing).

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-The John C Scott show (live Daily M-F 12-1 pm, except Thursdays).

Never stop getting a chance to listen into great content playing now and check into learn about our shows under development from Studio 604 located at the Pioneer Commercial Building in downtown Tucson.

Great interviews and great new shows coming to answer the perplexing questions of today’s puzzling issues.

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Carolyn’s note: I missed John’s return to the online airwaves yesterday (Monday), as his debut show coincided with the weekly Democrats of Greater Tucson luncheon meeting. But I’ll try to listen this week (daily, except Thursday, when Steve Leal is on the air.  However Leal has some recent health issues, so stay tuned via FB).



5 responses to “Talk show host John C. Scott now online at Tucson Progressive Media

  1. Carolyn Classen

    UPDATE 3/22/18 – John is back on the radio:

    “The John C Scott Radio show is now
    moving to KVOI 1030 AM for a new
    weekend slot to Premiere beginning APR 7th 2018 airing from 4-6 PM.”

  2. Yesterday DGT Chair Jeremey Lasher hosted Steve Leal’s “All Things Political” show. Today host John C. Scott must still be sick (as he was on Wed.) so Steve Leal is hosting his noon show today, with Producer Matt Laos and former House Rep. Tom Prezelski. Stay tuned for John’s return next week.

  3. What a Relief that John C Scott is back along with Progressive radio. Tucson has been a Conservative and hate radio city for a long time. The right wing has been covering our radios ewith a blanket of one-sided news and views. We progressive felt left ut!

    Thanks to Progressive radio and the sponsors!!!

    • Carolyn Classen

      Thanks George for your comments. I am listening today and sponsors so far have been Ward 5 Councilman Richard Fimbres (will be re-elected today as he is running unopposed), and the Grand Canyon Institute.

  4. Robin Hiller, Executive Director of Voices for Education online now talking with John about education issues. Tune in online only, 2nd half of show: Producer Matt Laos is interviewing Dave Wells from Grand Canyon Institute about Virginia Gubernatorial race, tax issues, gun safety.