Tax and Cut Conservatives

by David Safier

When Republicans oppose tax hikes, never, never let them hide behind their supposed concern for the middle class. Their No Tax Pledge exists to help businesses and the rich, period. If necessary, they'll throw a bone to the middle class with a few stray scraps of meat left on it.

Case in point: a tax cut for businesses  that will result in a property tax hike for private homeowners.

Calling it the ultimate solution to the state's economic woes, members of a House panel approved an extensive package of tax breaks for businesses on Monday.

The move came over objections from two Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee who questioned cutting state revenues with the budget now in a deficit. Rep. Tom Chabin, D-Flagstaff, pointed out that one element of the plan would result in a shift of property taxes from businesses to homeowners.

House Speaker Kirk Adams, R-Mesa, chief sponsor of the plan, conceded that point.

Will the tax hike for homeowners buy another teacher? Will it mean fewer cuts in social services? No and no. Every penny will go to cutting business taxes.

Tax (people) and Cut (services) Conservatives.

The only surprise to me is that the property tax hike includes million dollar homes. I suppose they couldn't figure out a way to avoid the collateral wealth-damage.

NOTE: This is a very important piece of news, since it's a proposed property tax hike. If it came from our City Council, O'Dell would make it screaming front page news. Instead, the Star put it on the Business pages.

Look, it's a proposed Republican tax hike. That's a man-bites-dog story worthy of the front page and a headline like "Republicans propose property tax hike."

The Star headline? "Businesses targeted for tax breaks in bill."

You can't make this stuff up. Does the Chamber of Commerce write the headlines?

FURTHER NOTE: Headlines on similar articles in other AZ papers are just as bad. Shouldn't No New Taxes Republicans be exposed when they propose increased taxes? I'm just sayin'.

0 responses to “Tax and Cut Conservatives

  1. I agree that if anybody has to pay higher taxes then that is a tax increase.

  2. The House Ways & Means committee hearing made for interesting listening yesterday. Speaker Kirk Adams and committee chair, Rep. Rick Murphy (as well as other majority members) refused to allow the bill to be held until the committee could review a fiscal note from JLBC on the budget impact of said business cuts. Also interesting, the entire audience was full of suits with smug expressions.

    Adams’s remarks and answers for both minority members Chabin and Farley were nothing if not partisan side-stepping of valid concerns brought by both Arizona lawmakers: “What will be the fiscal impact for middle class Arizonans who are already struggling to keep their homes out of foreclosure? Will this tax shift do more immediate harm than the possible long term good of these cuts?” Adams: “Who gives a shit about middle class Arizonans. These suits behind me want this done and so I will do their bidding while trying my damnedest to not appear too gleeful.”

    Arizona voters across every aisle are asking their leaders to lead by example. Play nice. Be respectful. And put your party politicing aside long enough to pick up a bucket and start bailing the water out of this boat before it’s completely over our heads.