Tax credit: Organizations providing assistance to working poor


by David Safier

Here's another tax credit worth considering before the end of the year: $200 ($400 for a couple filing jointly) for contributions to organizations that provide assistance to the working poor. The Arizona Department of Revenue list includes hundreds of qualifying organizations. Just google "Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit." Like the public school tax credit, you get 100% back when you pay your state income taxes.

There are no end of worthy choices, but my personal favorite is the Community Food Bank. I have one of those monthly donations through my credit card so I don't have to think about it. I like the fact that the Food Bank puts food on people's tables. I also like the multiplier effect. When I give $1, it turns into $9 worth of food, since they don't just run down to Safeway with a shopping cart and spend my money. That's a whole lot of bang for my "giving" buck.

Have you already given $200 or $400 to one of the listed charities this year? That money is gone from your bank account, and it's already been put to good use. Consider giving once more before the end of the year, this time on the state of Arizona's dime.