Testing it again

by David Safier

Strangest thing. When I post this poll using Firefox, it gets screwed up. With Safari, it seems to be fine. Go figure.

Can you do me a favor? This poll is supposed to stop you from voting twice. Can you let me know if it works? We're not Dancing with the Stars, you know. We want our polls to be on the up-and-up.


0 responses to “Testing it again

  1. OK, I did voted “Yes” because my Firefox it looks OK.

  2. Justin, you’re the first person to say he didn’t get the poll. I guess you’re too cool for this school with your iPad. If you want to vote on the real thing, you may have to move down one tech notch and vote on a computer.

    I couldn’t bring up the poll on my ipod either. I don’t know what the problem is, but it looks like our roving readership is going to be out of luck.

  3. Safari on an iPad and I do not get the poll.

  4. Voted “yes” the first time. It won’t let me vote today. I’m using Firefox.

  5. Well, I’m not sure if this post has a new poll posted; if it does, I’m not seeing it (using IE 8.0).

    Also, the original test poll worked just fine and wouldn’t let me vote again. However, today it is tiny and unreadable to me (again, IE 8.0).


  6. Morning:) I voted yesterday, I may have been the first..then I checked it today and revoted as you suggested we do. It let me vote again, then I tried immediately afterward to vote again, and I couldn’t. I suspect that is the exact outcome you wanted to see:) I knew it didn’t let me vote again because I saw the number of total votes after my first vote…and it didn’t change with my second re vote. Does that help or make sense??