The 2016 Popular Vote Loser went on Vacation. How is this Different from his Work Schedule?


Remember when candidate Trump said President Obama spent too much time away at the golf course and he would if elected, set a new standard by working more at the White House, saying he would “rarely leave the White House.”

Count that as one of his 10,796 and counting lies.

This President makes George W. Bush, the last President who liked to utilize vast quantities of downtime, look like a workaholic.


Looking at the above graph from NBC/MSNBC News, The liar in chief nearly tripled the amount of vacation time he took off to travel compared to President Obama and almost twice as much compared to President Bush.

There are 365 days in the year. The KKK endorsed candidate took almost a third of the year off.

Note how the three Democratic Presidents took less vacation time compared to the three Republicans.

From Presidential Golf Tracker

Looking at the graphs regarding playing golf, The Popular Vote Loser has played twice as much as his predecessor, mostly at his own family-owned golf resorts, further enriching his personal and families bottom line.

From Politics USA

The Chief Executive Deadbeat also has no compunction about charging the American People for his travel. Barck Obama incurred 97 million dollars in eight years. The current White House Occupant racked up ten million in travel costs in his FIRST MONTH. 

These costs do not include the unpaid bills his Inaugural and Campaign Committees have not satisfied.

Unfortunately, his time on vacation differs little from his actual “work time.”

In a language utilization that would make 1984’s writer George Orwell blush, the official White House schedule has the Popular Vote Loser spend hundreds of hours on unspecified  “Executive Time.” 

This Executive Time probably includes times for important Presidential tasks (at least those according to Trump) like:

  • Watching Fox News
  • Tweeting what is on Fox News and his reaction to it.
  • Making phone calls (sometimes to Fox News so he can be on live T.V.)
  • Eating (probably while watching Fox News)
  • Sleeping after “working hard” in bed.
  • Actual participation in the governing process when he is not doing one of the above five items.

Again how is this “Executive Time” actually different from his vacation period?

The American People deserve a President that will take his Intelligence briefing in the early morning rather than midday.

The American People deserve a President that will give more time and attention to governing.

The American People deserve a better President.

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David Gordon
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