Doctors who perform abortions can get charged with murder.

Voter suppression measures designed to reduce turnout in Democratic-leaning communities.


Cutting taxes for people that do not need them in order to thwart monies going to public schools.

Restricting or prohibiting sex education.

Promoting conversion therapy.

Trying to restrict the Corporation Commission and Clean Energy rules.

COVID liability protection for businesses.

These are the major measures on the fringe out of the mainstream reactionary early holiday wish list from the members of the former Party of Lincoln at the Arizona State Legislature.

The leadership Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC) strongly condemns these back to the dark age legislative proposals.

Liz Luna, the Deputy Director of the ADLCC issued a statement that read:

“Arizona’s Republicans are continuing the destructive work of Donald Trump, dismantling access to reproductive healthcare, blocking voter access, attacking the LGBTQ community, and defunding our public schools.

“The agenda we’ve seen Republicans push this year is far to the right of Arizona’s independent values, and is both insulting to voters and destructive to the rights and livelihoods of Arizonans.

“While thousands of Arizonans are out of work and small businesses are struggling, we’re watching anti-democracy Republicans make our state a national punchline. Republicans should be ashamed. Arizonans deserve better from their elected officials.”

The ADLCC also released a list of the bills that have given them the most concern. They are:

Voting Rights & Restriction Legislation

SB1069 (Ugenti-Rita, LD23): That was defeated yesterday.

SB1106 (Mesnard, LD17)

SB1531 (Mesnard, LD17)

SB1503 (Townsend, LD16)

HB2369 (Payne, LD21)

HB2370 (Blackman, LD6)

SB1713 (Mesnard, LD17)

Voucher Expansion

SB1452 (Boyer, LD20): That was approved on Monday but recalled on Tuesday when the sponsor, Senator Boyer, voted against tampering with PEVL (SB1069.) Talk about eating their own.

Restrictions on abortion access

HB2650 (Blackman, LD6)

SB1457 (Barto, LD15)

SB1381 (Rogers, LD6)

HB2404 (Udall, LD25)

Restrictions on the Corporation Commission

HB2248 (Griffin, LD14)

Limiting sex education and HIV/AIDS education in classrooms

SB1456 (Barto, LD15)

Eliminating trans and non-binary folks from state documents

HB2725 (Fillmore, LD16)

Preserving in law access to the harmful practice of conversion therapy

SB1482 (Leach, LD11)

SB1377, another Leach-sponsored bill would give COVID liability protection to bills. Where are the COVID-related measures to protect Arizona residents?

SB 1783, a Mesnard sponsored bill that would give the rich another tax cut and drain funds going into Invest in Ed-Prop 208 coffers is another concern Democrats and Education activists have.

To counter the draconian proposals emanating from the former Party of Lincoln, the ADLCC recommends that the legislature consider the following Democratic proposals “that will help families, schools, and small businesses through the pandemic:”

SB1039 – eviction prevention; study committee (Engel, LD10)

SB1666 – affordable housing; appropriation (Engel, LD10)

HB2730 – public schools; 2020-2021; 2021-2022; funding (Schwiebert, LD20)

SB1611 – landlord-tenant; rent increase limitations (Quezada, LD29)

SB1227 – study committee on class sizes (Marsh, LD28)

HB2282 – small business assistance grants (Lieberman, LD28)

SB1715 – unemployment insurance; definition; benefit amount (Bowie, LD18)

SB1757 – essential workers; minimum wage; overtime (Quezada, LD29)

Readers should research the progress of the above legislative proposals, either the Republican, Democrat and (believe it or not) the bipartisan ones by clicking here to visit the Arizona State Legislature.

Arizona citizens are urged to stay engaged.

Champion the bills that help the people and move the state forward.

Shun the ones that harm the people and move the state backward.

Vote out the legislators that propose the back to the Dark Ages legislation.