The ball is in your court, John

by David Safier

As AZ Blue Meanie explained below, all the signs, stars and portents are aligned to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell, including the consent of a large majority of members of the military and Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Will McCain ask for a new, ten year, ongoing study of the issue? Will he demand that Ronald Reagan rise from the grave to tell him to support repeal of DADT? Even for I-didn't-really-mean-what-I-just-said McCain, it seems there are only so many times you can change your mind and raise the bar before you finally say, OK.

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  1. Facebook lady…actually, McCain himself is unsure of how many homes he owns…quite the dilemma, wouldn’t you say? What with all the unemployment, underemployment,homelessness,and hungry Americans,poor John can’t remember how many houses he owns! I guarantee you, that it is MORE than 7…you did make me laugh though……”I think he has ONLY 7 houses.” That’s like saying this car payment is ONLY $800/mo.!!! Meghan is correct on this issue, she may be a Republican like her father, but she is much more liberal on social issues…that’s a good thing. Though I certainly don’t agree with her about everything, I can honestly say that I would love to have a conversation with her, and I think that we could agree on the social issues, the rest, not so much..either way, I have much more respect for her than I do her dad.She, at least,says what she means and means what she says.That novel idea left her dad ages ago.

  2. Cheri, I think he has only 7 houses .

    I give a lot of credit to his daughter, Meghan, who has been on TV a number of times supporting repeal of DADT and making an excellent account of herself!

  3. Excuse my French, but this man is as useless as tits on a boar! He harkens back to the days of HIS military…thus rendering him out of touch and useless to the military of today. The soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen of today’s military grew up with gays all around them..they could care less who’s in the foxhole next to them as long as that person has their back in combat. The rest is just sterotypical BS and fearmongering…no one cares but that sorry excuse for a Senator.When is AZ going to get a clue and get rid of this guy? Hopefully, they’ll pay very close attention and get rid of the other loser Senator in 2 years…name anything they have EVER done for the vast amount of people in this no one can.The fear factor and paranoia is really wearing thin.He flip flops more times than a fish out of water, is out of touch with mainstream America, and curses on him for the dreadful,thoughtless decision of that wacko from AK.She’s just as clueless as her is. Time for the guy to retire to one of his twelve houses and call it a day. I know I’m done!