The BASIS Beat goes on


by David Safier

Today, the Star's Tim Steller has a follow-up to his Sunday column about BASIS. It's mainly a collection of opinions and observations he's received about the charter schools, both positive and negative (More people agreed with his observation that BASIS is over-praised than defended the school). Interestingly, none of the BASIS defenders talked about it as the shining educational city on the hill pointing the way for all other schools to follow. In other words, they didn't repeat The Legend. They just said, it's a good school for certain students who want to be pushed academically. I'm fine with that.

When The Fact that BASIS is a niche school for intelligent, highly motivated students who are willing to work their tails off becomes common knowledge, I'll stop posting about schools. But so long as The Legend is perpetrated by the conservative "education reform" folks who use BASIS as a club to pound on what they call "government schools," I'll keep writing.

Unfortunately, I don't expect The BASIS Legend to be retired any time soon. It's just too valuable to the anti-government, anti-union right. With Craig Barrett as BASIS President and Chairman of the Board — Barrett is Brewer's education mouthpiece and a board member of K12 Inc. online schools as well — the Goldwater Institute's Clint Bolick on the BASIS Board, and founder/conservative economist Michael Block still calling the educational shots, the school isn't likely to change its tune.

So the BASIS Beat goes on.