The Biden/Harris Campaign Message to the Country: Do not follow the Polls; Follow the Voters and How They Vote

From the Biden/Harris Campaign.

Time for a history lesson.

Remember in 1948 when polls showed Thomas Dewey winning the Presidency over Harry Truman. That did not happen.

Remember when Jimmy Carter wanted to run against Ronald Reagan because he thought he could easily beat him. Look how well that strategy worked out.

Remember many in 1991 thought no one could beat George Bush in his reelection bid in 1992. Enter Bill Clinton, the Comeback Kid.

Polls in 2016 said Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency.

Everyone knows how well that prediction turned out despite her three million popular vote win.

Polls in 2020 said the Presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would be a nailbiter. Biden won by just over seven million votes and a solid Electoral College victory, taking former Republican strongholds like Arizona and Georgia.

In 2022, pollsters thought the Republicans would cream the Democrats in the midterm elections. Thanks to the reality of the extreme MAGA program, the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade, and the legislative accomplishments of the Biden/Harris Administration, Democrats expanded their control of the Senate and are within striking distance of taking back the House in 2024.

In 2023, pollsters thought Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear would lose his reelection bid and Virgina’s Glenn Youngkin campaign to transform that state’s legislature into total Republican control could happen.

Both scenarios did not transpire.

These recent election results, along with both a horrific Republican Presidential Debate Performance and pundits/recent polling showing President Biden in danger of losing re-election caused the Biden/Harris Campaign team to hold an online press event earlier today (November 9, 2023) to convey a simple message:

Do not follow the polls. Follow the voters and how they vote.

Campaign Communications Director Michael Tyler started the press event by relaying that no matter what happens, even if it is good news, pundits will say “Joe Biden is in trouble.”

The election results in 2022 and 2023 are better than expected for Democrats. Pundits will say “Joe Biden is in trouble.”

MAGA Republican Presidential hopefuls had a horrible debate performance on November 8, 2023. Pundits will say “Joe Biden is in trouble.”

Donald Trump’s performance as President (which resulted in two impeachments) and potential criminal activities (four indictments and being found liable for sexual assault)afterward. Pundits will say “Joe Biden is in trouble.”

People prefer the Biden/Harris program and accomplishments over the MAGA Republican policy positions. Pundits will say “Biden is in trouble.”

Tyler advised that it would be better for pundits to examine “how people are voting.”

Biden/Harris Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriquez picked up on Tyler’s themes, stating that “polls taken a year out from the election are not reliable. The real window is to see how they (the people) are actually voting. 

She also blasted pundits for “always underestimating President Biden.”

She further pointed out that “people have rejected the MAGA extremism that makes up the current Republican party of anti-reproductive freedom and tax breaks to the wealthy.”

Chavez-Rodriquez noted that the Kentucky Republican Gubernatorial Nominee’s campaign spent $35 million attacking Joe Biden and he lost by about five points.

She also emphasized that Democrats across the country ran on the popular Biden/Harris-Democratic agenda which included:

  • Lower prescription drug costs like $35 for insulin.
  • The Bipartisan infrastructure law
  • The CHIPS Act.
  • First Gun safety legislation in close to 30 years.
  • Protecting Democracy and codifying Roe v Wade.

Chavez-Rodriquez concluded her comments, stating:

“Maga extremism is toxic and restricts the Republican path to 270. It is not just Trump but the people on the debate stage last night. 2024 will be close. We’ve been saying that from the beginning. We have multiple paths and are investing… We are not taking any voter for granted.”

Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty happily quipped that they were “grateful for MAGA EXTREMISM for giving us new material” to campaign on.

He maintained that President Biden is focused on protecting Democracy and building the economy from the bottom up.

He also reminded reporters on the call that:

  • The campaign launched the earliest paid media campaign in the Black and Latino communities. Flaherty asserted that they would expand to more groups and more regions of the country.
  • One of the umbrella themes of the campaign will be Biden’s economic program versus MAGA Extremism.
  • The last two fundraising quarters have yielded $91 million cash on hand which is more than the entire GOP Presidential Candidate field combined.

Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks also pointed out the strength of the Biden/Harris program versus the failed MAGA extremist one.

He also stressed that the campaign would work to “put together the 80 million plus coalition that brought victory in 2020,” noting that “people were energized on Tuesday and it is the same coalition we have to reassemble for 2024. We are not taking it for granted… It is going to be a close election. We feel we’re in a strong position. We just need to relate the case to people. Block out the noise and do the work necessary to reach out to voters.”

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