The Comments lines are open, times two

by David Safier

Just want to remind anyone who wants to chime in, it's gotten easier to comment directly on the blog or to comment on our Facebook page.

First, we've removed some of the obstacles to commenting on the blog. We put them there to hinder trolls but ended up hindering the good folks as well. Now, when you click on the "Comments" link at the bottom of each post, you should be able to say your piece without impediment.

Second, we're on Facebook now, and the living, looking and commenting is easy. Every BfA post is there — the headline and the first few lines — which makes it simple to scroll through the posts and find what you're interested in. And nothing is easier than a quick comment on Facebook, as most of you know.

0 responses to “The Comments lines are open, times two

  1. This change is duly noted. Thank you.