The Common Core by any other name . . .

by David Safier

All those crazy conservatives who hate the Common Core are driving Huppenthal nuts. But he has a solution. Change the name.

[Huppenthal] will ask the State Board of Education to approve a name change, replacing Common Core with “Arizona College and Career Ready Standards.” He also wants the state to withdraw from a national coalition that developed the standards but has since become a political lightning rod for conservatives.

Huppenthal emphasized that nothing would change in Arizona classrooms. Teachers will stick with the new Common Core lessons rolled out at the start of this school year, and students will still take an annual assessment to measure what they have learned, he said.

Note Hupp isn't trying to placate progressives and teachers who have problems — different problems — with the Common Core. He's only worried about objections from the right. I suspect his two reasons are: (1) Who cares what those damn liberals and union lackeys think? and (2) Only conservatives, who support the "Affordable Care Act" by 8 points more than they support "Obamacare" — true fact — are stupid enough be duped by a name change. Progressives and teachers actually go beyond the bumper sticker slogan and read stuff. No point in trying to pull a name change on them.

At a panel discussion hosted by the Rodel Foundation, Hupp tried to sell the name change as an assertion of Arizona's independence from outside meddling.

“Arizona is declaring independence from the Common Core and from the federal government. We want to make it clear that Arizona has taken possession of the standards,” he said. “Arizona is Arizona, and we are independent.”

Right. And I don't eat Cheerios, because I want to be independent of General Mills. I eat Cheeri-Zeros. And that makes all the difference.

One response to “The Common Core by any other name . . .

  1. This is not journalism. It’s immature and sort of reminds me of a Sponge Bob episode. (Hey psst, let’s stop saying sustainability and common core) uh huh uh pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!