The Country needs a Role Model in the White House.


Setting aside the upcoming full House vote on the 2016 Popular Vote Losers unconstitutional and criminal acts, the majority of the people in this country rightfully yearn for an upstanding adult to sit in the Oval Office as a role model for all to admire rather than the lying, whining, unindicted co-conspirator, KKK endorsed, charlatan current occupant.

While the impeachment inquiry/hearings have proceeded, Individual One has:

  • Mimicked a romance scene between former F.B.I. employees Lisa Page and Peter Strozk. He later lied about Strozk needing a restraining order on Paige.
  • Left the N.A.T.O. summit early like a baby after seeing a clip of some of the other leaders mocking and laughing at him.
  • Called members of the F.B.I. scum. for debunked claims of spying on his campaign and ruining the lives of convicted “good people” criminals Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. It is amazing that Trump loyalists and supporters have not openly questioned the President’s repeated inability to recruit law-abiding staff. 
  • Launched a Twitter attack on 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg because she was chosen as the 2019 Time Person of the Year. It is equally disturbing that Trump loyalists and supporters do not seem to have a problem with the President attacking a child. See the Chris Cuomo commentary on this below:

Or this commentary from CNN’S Brooke Baldwin:

  • Lied (has the tally reached 14,000 yet) again that the wall was being built.
  • Attacked Elizabeth Warren’s marriage.
  • Said just today (12/13/19) that decorated Iraq War veteran Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman was “another beauty.”

This country needs a role model in the White House that people can look up to and respect.

It does not need a person who:

  • Is an unindicted coconspirator designated Individual One.
  • Was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Lies as regularly as he breathes.
  • Attacks and belittles children.
  • Attacks and belittles people who disagree with his positions or tell the truth about him.
  • Caters to totalitarian tendencies and adversarial interests.
  • Betrays his oath of office and the Constitution.

The people have a choice in 2020. They can either make it possible to return this disgrace to the White House if he is not convicted of his impeachment in the Senate or select another option that will restore respect for the United States again.

It is time the country had a role model again as its President.





  1. Trump supporters have been conditioned for decades by AM hate radio and right wing fake news like Fox that they’re victims and that the “other side” wants to destroy them.

    I’ve heard charlatans like Glen Beck actually say on the public airwaves the the left is coming for them,
    “and they’re coming for blood”.

    Actually, we’re coming to get them affordable health care and clean water, but tomato, to-mahto, I guess.

    Trump supporters don’t care about truth or the Constitution or having a POTUS that doesn’t act like a two year old at peak temper tantrum every day.

    They just care that the “other side” loses.

    When Trump is gone, their lives won’t be any different than they were before Trump, but the lives of millions of others will be worse.

    And they like that.

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